Tom Grezek from Microsoft tells of recent internet security scams and what to do about it.  Jeri Corsi talks about the Gulf oil spill... issues.   Iowa pot is inferior to southern pot?   This shall not stand.  

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Congressman Ron Paul  with money issues.   An Iowa  DNR Commissioner thinks teenage nudity would keep the kids in Iowa.   Did Sarah Palin make a mistake by inviting the girls basketball team to go rogue?  


A couple of good ol' boys may have a temporary solution to the oil spill?

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Richard Vigilante tells why it was time to "Panic"...and he explains the unexplainable.   Where does Senator Harkin shop for groceries?   Thomas Woods explains even more the "Meltdown"  and "Who Killed the Constitution?"   Plus a couple of more Iowa towns clear a path for chickens.  What's a chicken tractor?  

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Dan Neiland gives a quick tour of Vatterott Educational Center.   Then some Iowan are allergic to money...nickel to be specific.   Then,  more Iowa schools can't run a school lunch program...  'nuther out-of-control entitlement program.

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Robert Murphy is coming to Iowa for the Campaign for Liberty.  Shawn Mingus and Lt. Col. Steve Boesen are looking for Coats for Afghanistan.    Then,  what to do with impaired drivers who hurt people...driving a right or privilege?


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A new Supreme Court judge?  Carrie Severino from the Judicial Crises Network rates the new pick.   Then,  Nancy Pelosi preaches the gospel of immigration and has an alter call for Catholics.    WHHHHHHATTTTT?

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Cinco de Mayo ruckus in California explained and nearly understood.   Sean McClanahan  from Iowa Carry explains the new law.   Brian Sussman "Climategate"  gives another side to the gulf oil spill.  A puzzle.

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Wondering about "healthy stuff"  like Pork Scratchings and Nutrella....something about inquiring minds.   Barbara Strauch and the Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain...darn thing removes a bunch of excuses.... Then,  does the Bible require open borders and open arms to illegals?   Stephen Steinlight blows a hole in that theory.

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George Landrith wants Boeing to land the new tanker plane contract rather than the French Airbus company.   Better plane and Iowa jobs.   Dave Funk for congress talks about terrorism and airline security....issues.    Former Governor Brandstad has taken some highly unusual positions on birthright citizenship and court made law.

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 Maggie Gallagher is coming to Iowa in defense of the family.   Then some activists against nuclear non-proliferation come to Iowa to advance the issue.   Then,  the new Arizona law works  way faster than anticipated.

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