Thomas E Woods with a how to fix it book ... "Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century"...a book of the year.   What caused cops to appear in Des Moines 144 times  in just a few hours?  Then,  Iowans recall their own experiences with runaway horses. 

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New DNR regs for boating safety...several reps...Susan Stocker, Nate Hogevein, and Aaron Arthur with a Q&A.  Then,  a black bear mauls a hiker in Kentucky,  setting off Iowa bear phobics.  

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Christian Adams says Steve King is right about the Obama administration's "favoring blacks over whites"...former DOJ attorney who says the Obama adminstration won't defend the voting rights of non-minorities.   WHAT?   Then, Iowa State Senators Randy Feestra and Jerry Behn say the Culver administration is about to hire 1,100 new state workers in a time of budget distress...WHAT?   Chris Tucker say environment activists are trying to block access to a treasure trove of natural gas.  A critique of "Gasland".  And flood-watching.

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