Roy Beck,  from NumbersUSA,  blows the whistle on the Dream Act currently under debate....nuther back-door amnesty and money grab.    Iowans bring a bunch of issues to open-line Friday.   And here's the story about people playing the system....earning more than hardworking taxpayers.  

 Oh,  this cartoon isn't funny...  silver manipulation for the sheeple....

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Black Friday out-of-control crowd stories.   Then, why is the Iowa horse population in such distress?  Another story of animal abuse and neglect...why?    The Dereck and Beverly Joubert,  National Geographic wildlife journalist on  "Big Cat Week"...  remarkable lion stories.   Robert Reilly takes us into "The Closing of the Muslim Mind".  Sharia or not?  That's the question.  Plus, US taxpayers are now bailing out world banks.  AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

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Congressman Steve King blasts the Pigford 11 reparations settlement...issues.   Then, John Mueller with "Redeeming Economics: Rediscovering the Missing Element"... the theology of economics.   Then,  middle school kids youtube their fights.   Now what? 

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