Drew Berquist, former spook,  now novelist,  talks about the US future in Afghanistan.   Congressman Steve King explains the inside story on the tax cut and budget issues.  The English explain the collapse of the EU.    Whoops,  this is what happens when you don't close the back door during an Iowa blizzard. Indianola HS canceled a Christmas assembly cuz of the perceived "unrest".   A last look at Bob Feller.  Then,  Suzy.

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 Senator Rick Santorum in Iowa...issues of the day.  Judy Hintz from Educational Resources with some happy parents and on the warpath for education reform.  Then,   the theology of yodeling.  

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The kids from Joshua Christian Academy sing and recite for Christmas... a real blessing.  Then,  an Indianola dad is still not happy with the way an attack on his son is being treated and how warnings of potential violence are not dealt with.  Here's  some pictures of known threats he warned about...and reportedly not acted upon.   Then, 'nuther lawsuit about judicial retention...this time says the ballots were unconstitutional.  Delicious

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Hope Ministries...puts a non-seasonal face on homelessness in Iowa.  Dave Burrier and Jeff Scott with the rest of the story.   Then,  part of a University of Iowa Hawkeye press conference dealing with drugs in the sports programs.   A winter driving expert, Mark Cox,  from the Bridgestone Winter Driving Schools with driving and winter tire selection tips.   More on the Indianola High School student attack case from the parent of the attacked student.   Ken Miller with a summary of the Hawkeye press conference.

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Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty talks issues....then a local dad is incensed by an attack on his child in school.   He isn't satisfied with the three day suspension the attacker received...wants more.   Iowans seem to agree.

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Iowa's being offered an incentive to expand passenger rail service.  Deborah Thornton says "I think I can"..  Iowan's wonder if cops are our friends...the lawyer says "Don't Talk to Cops"...  and truck drivers agree.

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E-Cigarettes?   What the heck is that?   Iowans are way ahead of the curve on this one too.   Then, why didn't drug testing cut the DJK drug bust off at the past.  Steve King blasts the Dream Act.

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 Tom Pauken says we can fix our economy by "Bringing America Home"...the USA is the trading sucker of the universe....no equal playing field out sources our jobs.  Then,  DJK gets busted for drugs...out the Insight Bowl...maybe jail.  Sound Off reporter  Jon Miller tells the inside story.  More Iowans with ideas.

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 Obama's tax cut and extended unemployment compromise....do Iowan's approve?   Then,  nuther case of Christmas symbols being removed from the public sqare...this time in Ames.    Then,  electronic pickpockets?   Holy Shinola!    And IowaLive puts Pearl Harbor into perspective..  check out the pictures....

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The Bush tax cut compromise?  Dr. Merrill Matthews with a bold proposal.   Then,  Sarah Palin shoots a caribou.  WOW! Do Iowans have a response!   A silly letter...and a serious song.     And finally,  a serious debate on the government money pit.  

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