Richard Wolffe says there's a battle going on in the Whitehouse between the Revivalists and the Survivalists.   Brannon Howse is bringing a Worldview Weekend to Iowa.   And Iowans respond to the latest killing spree.  Time to renew the death penalty?  Vigorous discussion.

Quantitative Easing Explained.   Hilarious!


Nuther video, not so funny...the lastest updated Immigration By the Numbers...Roy Beck


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 Newt Gingrich takes us to Valley Forge plus weighs in on Iowa's judicial retention vote.  Thinks it would be outrageous for outgoing Governor Culver to replace the vacancies instead of incoming Governor Branstad.    Iowans are really engaged on this issues.   Spirited conversation.  Oh,  that inspirational performance of the Messiah at a shopping mall.


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 America: The Story of illustrated history.  Kevin Baker.   Then, Share What You Wear...Grace Church and a truly inspirational story of giving.   Iowa drug abuse has a treatment center.   St. Gregory's Retreat Center.   Success stories.   Then,  Sen. Gronstal tells Iowans to stick it.

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Bob Vander Platts tells what's next in the same gender marriage issue. And Huckabee's coming back to Iowa.  Patrick O'Donnell with a chunk of Korean War history. Give Me Tomorrow.  Powerful.   Then, a school bomb threat is a hate crime?  Is that the best we can do?  Suzy.


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Jim Sandager talks about changes in the tax code and how to protect your assets from the grasshoppers.  Then if graphic images on cigarette packs will cut down on smoking,  what other images could be used for other stuff?   Iowans unleash the snot glands. 

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Ron Salisbury from ABC Pest Control  (800-267-9442)  goes after bed for prevention.  Charles Goyette describes the Dollar Meltdown and what to do about it.   Then,  they catch the kid who made the bomb threat in what?

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 "Kasey to the Rescue"... heartwarming story of tragedy and overcoming.    Then,  food may be the cheapest right now for the foreseeable future.   What does wise food buying a storage look like?

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Can Iowans define justice better than the criminal justice system does?  Yup.   Show ya.

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Jay Feinman  says insurance companies "Delay, Deny, and Defend"...cuz they can.  Sally Pipes talks about the downside of Obamacare.  Lotsa chat.

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 Congressman Tom Latham re-elected and  in search of issue feedback from Iowans.  Iowans still raising a ruckus over the recent election.  Vigorous. 

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