Tom Golisano from National Popular Vote wants to make presidential selection more democratic...winner take all.   Kevin McLaughlin want to discount Iowa taxes 20 %.  Then,  Iowans are sent to a non-war in Libya. 

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To Bully or Not to Bully,  that is the question...Dr. Susan Lipkins deals with bully repair issues.    Watching Eagle eggs...hoping they will hatch.   Spring break psychology...Dr. Russell Hyken.    Joe Miller and  Kevin Vinchattle argue for legal protection for Iowa farmers against animal rights activists.    Mike Rozgo is on a mission to make K-2 a controlled substance in Iowa...after the loss of his son.  Then,  for no good reason whatsoever...

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Can smart phones get hacked?  What's really killing the birds?   'Nuther backdoor scam by Obama to raise money and fight the global warming hustle.  Senator Rand Paul says Obama's Libya policy is unconstitutional.

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  Senator Paul MckinleySenator Kent SorensonSecretary of State Matt Schultz....a lady makes a list of Iowa Senate, diversity comes to the NAACP plus,  stink bugs in Iowa.  And here's a link to my part in  Steve King's Conservative Principles PAC.

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Jim Bullard...R-Calf...says American farmers are getting ripped by trade deals.  Betsy McCaughey wants the same exemptions from Obamacare that are being give out to Weiner's NY.  Congressman King...weekend Conservative Conference...  Herman Cain...issues.


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Mark Cooper says Iowans shouldn't put up the money to build a nuclear power plant.     Tom Pauken describes "Bringing America Home:  How America Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back"... Newt Gingrich with a new video commentary,  "Rediscovering God in America" Senator Jim Demint...coming to K-Pac...and  Con. Michelle Bachman...presidential aspirations?  Issues.

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 Tim Osborne from Technology by Design with video gadget tech talk.  David Bossie from Citizen's United coming to Iowa's King Pac...producer of Rediscovering God in America and Generation Zero.  Senator Rick Santorum...issues.   Congressman Steve King...isssues.  And now for something completely different.

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It's official...after taking a civics and history test,  I have earned the title,  Philosopher King.   Dr. Richard Drake says college makes already historically illiterate students worse.   Then,  Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, says Iowa shouldn't make the mourning dove into a game bird.  Boom!

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Holy Ba-jebbers...Farakhan and Kucinich are making sense on the war in Lybia..   This could be the end.  Then,  Rep Walt Rogers would like to pull the plug on  red light cameras.

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Roger Hedgcock wants to increase the heat on the administration for the ATF Gun Walker case.   Jennifer Bowen from Iowa Right to Life with a legislative update. Sen. Bill Dix with another example of Gronstalling. Then, Suzy.

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