The ISEA blocks parent's rights to train their own kids on how to drive.   Democrats block debate...again...wil chanting...  "'s our house"....  boom.  Happy St. Pat's Day!  Plus,  handicapping the Republican race for the Whitehouse.

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A Wisconsin petitioner gets a rude awakening about democracy from union thugs...Kim Simac..then Rep.Michelle Bachman gets trashed....why?   Iowans wonder about stuff.

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 Rep Annette Sweeney says it's time to protect Iowa farmers from animal rights activists.  HF 431.  Then Gov Haley Barbour in Iowa to talk issues. And some Iowa educrats invite me into the educational trenches...I decline.

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 Lotsa openline...Congressman Pence says it's time for a budget fight.  An opening speech by a new high school principal taxpayers can only dream about.   And dismantling more propaganda.   And Iowa make another Top Ten list...whoops...  Then something really sweet.

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Congressman Steve King is focused upon defunding Obamacare.   Rep Lance Horbach and Iowa Republicans are putting a halt to collective bargaining debate.  Sean McClanahan gives progress report on pro-second amendment legislation. 

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Leigh Bortins and Laura Lynn from Classical Conversations talk about classical home schooling philosophy and practice.  One of the most inspirational conversations for a long time.  Then,  some gorgeous celtic music...Lunasa is coming to the Des Moines Playhouse on Saturday night...8pm..   Then,  the argument over collective bargaining and benefits continues in Iowa.  Spirited.  Andrew Klavan explains how government worker unions work.

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 "The Romney Deception:  His Stealth Promotions of "Gay Rights" and "Gay Marriage" in Massachusetts".   Amy Contrada is the researcher.  Then,  another pit bull does real damage.   Then, Congressman Bruce Braley back from Afghanistan.   A raw milk bill is winding its way through the legislature.  Tom German and Jake Velie...advocates. 

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Sen. Rick Santorum in Iowa...Libya...oil...ethanol...Obamacare... Then, Judge Roy Moore along with Danny Carroll and Chuck Hurley from The Family Leader with an upcoming, March 15th Rally for Marriage.  Then, Brian Peskin  (Healthy for Life 327-0200) with a talk about Omega 3 and 6 EFA's... then David Rubin in Israel..."The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama."    And what does NPR really think about the rest of us? 

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 Mr. Sunday's Soups...Chris and Lorraine Wallace make us hungry for a couple of minutes.  Then,  what are the Wisconsin protesting teachers NOT saying?  Much more important than what the ARE saying.  Then,  Newt Gingrich in Iowa...talks history. The Iowa Core History Standards? They get an  "F".    Then, Mike Chapman...Iowa historian,  tells about the career Iowa champion wrestler, Frank Gotch.  Great stuff.

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ISU students are going to the Iowa Statehouse to lobby for bucks.  ISU Republican activist Logan Pals says he wants to lobby in the opposite direction, joined by Ryan Rhodes,  T-Party activist.  ISU responds.  Then,  guess what kinda prayer "crosses the line" ?   Then,   Congressman Ron Paul says the dollar is gonna collapse. Coming to Iowa.   And Senator Harkin takes an eraser to the 14th Amendment.

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