The debt ceiling....whammy birthday paddling...Catholic kids vote to be paddled and Gender Spectrum comes to grade school...and it's only Tuesday.

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 "Why Success Always Starts with Failure:  Adapt".. Tim Harford...fixin' stuff before it's busted.   Then,  an Iowa teacher gets threatened...administration says get used to it...just the way it is.   The wheels have come off...put 'em back on?   Or change vehicles?   Then,  Sam Zien is the cooking guy..."Just Grill It".   Great grilling advice.

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Iowa news and spin and other nonsense.   Gov. Tim Pawlenty with a quick campaign visit.  Could he save the Iowa Caucuses?   Then, more on the stop sign camera fundraisers.

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The Iowa Health Care Association forms a panel to give the industry side of senior health care in Iowa.   Gov Tim Pawlenty says the ethanol subsidies must come to end.  A great way to begin his race in Iowa? 

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"The Terrorist Next Door?"  Erick Stakelbeck describes how government is deceiving you about the Islamist threat.   Tom Pauken  back in Iowa "Bringing America Home".   A Romney supporter makes a stab at it.   Then,  Senator Grassley is attacked for blocking an activist leftist from the bench.  Justifiable? 

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 "Where's the Birth Certificate?"  Jerome Corsi is still asking.  More kids threaten some elderly folks...sigh.   Suzy....  then,  a great discussion on the science of sleep..."The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan:  Lose Weight Through Better Sleep"   This is actually really good.

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 Web 2.0...Coleen Byrne gives contemporary job seeking networking based.    A 350 lb "baby"  you and I are paying for.   Steve Malloy says we shouldn't neglect environmental issues while we screen the next round of candidates.  Then,  should candidates fight back when they are insulted?   Newt gets glittered.  Then,  Nathan Tucker with the final word on the myth of the pro-life Democrat.   The history of this session's pro-life struggles.

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If we build purdy prisons,  then we can purdy up the innards of inmates.   Butterfly gardens and Yoga in prison.   Then,  "Search & Destroy...why you can't trust Google"...Scott Cleland.    Then,  does Iowa have enough safety inspectors to the nursing home industry?  Pressley Henningsen and Ken Connors say think not.

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A progress report from the Saint Gregory Retreat Center...then,  some middle school students beat up a couple of senior citizens...great education discussion.

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The True Face of Health Care Reform...Dr. Py Sun...  Then,  Senator Paul McKinley with a review of the session and the issues which linger.   Vigorous.

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