If a Pennsylvania school can use sheep to eat the grass why can't Iowa?  Conan commences.    Then,  media, race baiting and media bias.   Stuff

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Sam Kean writes about the "Disappearing Spoon"... a delicious science book.  Then,  do building codes do what they say?   And Americans are losing their history.   Why?  And Senator Harkin argues for increasing the debt limit by comparing failure to do so with applying leeches to a sick body.  Yup.


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 Gov Tim Pawlenty with post debate reaction...Senator Harkin wants to raise taxes and spend more money...then,  the gap between Iowa's public and private sector...'nuther example.   BOOM!


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Iowan's love ribs...we fling a ribs cravin' on everybody...  then,   the T-Party bus tours Iowa....and Ron Paul makes lots of sense....in Iowa.

Here's the list of Iowa rib joints Iowan' love.

Hickory Park in Ames   several mentions

Jethos BBQ in the Drake neighborhood...Bruce brought some by, Bonnie got 'em....sigh

Zippys in Cedar Rapids.

BBQ Ribs Ottumwa

Bubba-Q's Ottumwa

Q's on 8th in Des Moines

Big Eds in Oskie

Irene's Bar on Hickman

Vinnies in Dakota City

Woody's Smoke Shack on Cottage Grove Ave Des Moines... Several mentions

Smokey D's BBQ ...several mentions

Shane's Rib Shack in Clive

Bill's Bar B Q Mason City

Whiskey Creek Grill Mason City

Rosco's Ribs Norwalk

Rib Shack in Knoxville

Uncle Wendell's BBQ on Ingersoll Ave Des Moines

Haley's Grocery in Marshalltown...

Where Pigs Fly Urbandale

Flying Mango  Beaverdale

Cactus Bob's  Johnston

Jimmies   Boone

Rib Crib  Mason City

And we just got started....whew!

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Hail again...Iowan's talk about getting shredded.   Then,  iron-man Chris McCormack tells the inside story... "I'm Here to Win!"...   then,  Roy Beck tells some good news about E-Verify...on the immigration front.  The MSM calls rural Americans culturally backward cuz they don't forgive the Wayward Weiner.

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David Freddoso issues a "Survival Guide for morally corrupt congressman"... Iowa Live gives it's annual integrity rating of Iowa Legislators...and lists best and worst performing Iowa school districts.  Now we know the real reason Jon Huntsman is ducking Iowa.   Then,   a scuffle over bio-diesel.    Plus,  Christie Vilsack withdraws her Weiner invitation. 

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Strong America Now wants a Debt Free America....June 18th....  And Iowan are thinking about flooding... (tonight at 7pm at Botanical Center)    Then,  Iowa faces a state government shutdown at the end of the month.  

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Sen Rick Santorum running for President...  issues video.   Then,  Dr. Jonathan Wells... "The Myth of Junk DNA"...another part of the evolution scam crashes and burns.   Then,  did Herman Cain muff the ambush question? 

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Vicki Bentleycoming to Iowa's annual NICHE conference...its about the kids.   Senator Paul Mckinley on the Iowa budget.   Former Senator Jeff Angelo starts a Republican same gender marriage advocacy group.    And charges are dismissed against Reggie White for his part in the State Fair race riot.   Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!


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A Friday wrap up of the news of the week...snotty and weird stuff...then more scofflaws run up our bills.   Congressman King...issues.

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