Newt Gingrich...debt ceiling issues... Gen Green with an invitation to a "How Now Shall We Govern?"  worldview seminar...(418-7937 to sign up)   Usama Dakdok ,   an Egyptian expert on Islam... coming to Point of Grace Church on Sunday...a startling report on the purpose and methods of Islam.  Congressman Steve King...debt limit update.

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Brian Peskin...the Omega Man... in town for a health seminar...(Healthy for Life...327-0200)   Then,   Dana Mecum from the Mecum auction talking about collectible cars....The the debt ceiling debate continues... this time Congressman King gets the Chris Matthews treatment.

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Obama says he might not send out the Social Security checks August 2 unless he can borrow some money first.   Iowans respond.  Big time.

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What should be done now that we (US) are broke?  Then,  a restaurant bans kids...patrons love it...Iowans react.

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Congressman Ron Paul evaluates the debt ceiling Iowa,  running for President.   Then,  Obama holds a press conference on the debt ceiling...and parts of Iowa flattened by a late night wind storm.

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Judy Hintz from Educational Resources (515-225-8513) and combine forces for an education summit.  A young lady named Sarah tell how she was able to recover from educational neglect.   What an inspirational story.  Then,  what does the last space shuttle mean for our culture? 

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Jonathan Narcisse with some ideas about fixin' stuff.   Then,  Tim Pawlenty has more issues...and some workin' on the railroad stories.

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Norwalk Chief of Police, Ed Kuhl,  wants public feedback on the idea of stoplight cameras.  So the public gives him feedback.  Then,  the Iowa Fire Arms Coalition is planning a fun 2nd Amendment Rally. 

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 Senator Rick Santorum running for President...says weak family, weak has no trouble saying Obama-care as un-Constitutional.    Dr. Judith Reisman says the political class is guilty of "Sexual Sabotage"... and a trucker goes off on Iowa bikers.

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Mike Chapman edits the Iowa History Journal.. (Available at HyVee's or 641-792-0920)   Then Ryan Rodes from the Iowa Tea Party and Ralph Benko from the 21st Century Gold Standard...talks about upcoming rally (Saturday pm at 4pm at State Capital)   Here's the Mickelson Speech.

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