Eric and Ann Rosenthal from Cedar Rapids say it's time to establish "home rule" for local school boards.   Then,  deconstructing Robert Reich's Iowa visit...

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 "Abelard to Apple:  the Fate of American Colleges and Universities"  Richard DeMillo ...great insights.    Then,  Iowans weigh in on the Bachman-Perry vaccine debate. 

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"Learn World Calligraphy"...Margaret Shepherd talks about writing purdy stuff.  People still think real writing is important.   Then,  why can minorities be the only people who can complain about humiliation at the airport? 

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Mark Bauerlein talks abou the "Digital Divide" and warns parents about the addictive and possible harmful nature of social networking and gadgets.   Michelle Bachman with a post debate review.  DG Hart takes us from Billy Graham to Sarah Palin...tells why  Evangelicals make crummy conservatives.

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Should Des Moines accept a ward system to elect school board members.  Marty Mauk and Suzette Jensen say "Yes".  Family Leader's Bob Vander Platts  talks about protecting public virtue.  Low life behavior following this weekend's Iowa-Iowa State game.  Then,  Marty Finkelstein from the Iowa Jewish Federation is disgusted by a local group excluding the American flag from a week-end 911 ceremony.   Then,  wash your eyes out with this.   Patriot's Day at DM North High School.

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Iowans respond to the president's jobs, jobs, jobs, speech.  Then,  what would our ancestors have done about mountain lions moving into town? 

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Republicans debate in California.....Iowans respond.   Then, O'Reilly calls Ron Paul a loon....says the Constitution says nothing about gold.... Whaaa?

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Back from the South Carolina American Principles Project-Palmetto Freedom Forum....then,  Jimmy Hoffa calls T-Partiers "SOBS"...  Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!

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Simon Conway with an update on the traffic cam petitions.  Then,  how should we answer the questions put to Senator Grassley?  Iowans speak out.

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Irene plus politics equals global warming....Rich Noyes...from Media Research Center.    Then,  Congressman Steve King...issues.   Lincoln signed the Declaration of Independence... some Des Moines high schools have "non-attending students"...  and the Iowa Democratic Party is actually ashamed of something... who knew?

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