Robert M Pallitto says torture is always wrong and gives historic examples of "Torture and State Violence in the United States"... spirited.  Then,  Gary Barrett give us the rest of the story on Anonymous.   Then,  has Herman Cain lost Iowa's benefit of the doubt? 

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Occupy movement takes it up a notch...with a video from "anonymous"...calling for the January caucuses to be occupied and blocked... real or contrived?   Iowan's contrive a response. 

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Congressman Ron Paul...issues.   The Occupy DSM folks want to occupy private property next.  Time to yank their permits?   Then,  Gov. Rick Perry...issues.

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 "The Agenda: Grinding America Down."...Curtis Bowers is the producer of a great documentary of the Communist movement in the USA.   Powerful presentation.  Tonight at 7:00 pm at Grace Church 4200 East 25th St. DSM.     Then,  Senator Rick Santorum deals with issues. 

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Consumer Reports writes about Mystery Meat...  (fish)   and the power company sends customers an anxiety attack.    Michelle Bachman talks about issues...and passes THE litmus test question.   Flying colors.

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A local tragedy points the truth of the Edward Banfield class theory....Bob Vander Platts evaluates the Herman Cain sexual harassment case.  Lotsa openline.

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