Michelle Bachman ...post debate feedback...issues.   Then, Pastor Stephen Broden, a Texas T-Party patriot wants Iowans to put principle over electibility in the upcoming presidential vote.   Mark Tapscott from the Washington Examiner wants to endorse Mitt Romney.   Then, Governor Vilsack is proud of Iowa's gay marriage ruling and the judges he appointed.

Editor's Note:    You may follow or contribute to the comment section of my podcast.  Before proceeding, feel free to sample the one for today.    You may wonder why I allowed this comment to be posted.  For the record,  I don’t usually censor posts unless they are obscene or abusive.   The reason I moderate the comment section at all is that if I don’t,  I get hammered by internet spammers, usually Chinese hackers selling bootleg stuff… sometimes by the hundreds… a pain,  but that’s the way it is. 

 In this case,   I put this one up to illustrate what I’ve been telling you about propaganda techniques.   The gay lobby uses the “we are victims and therefore virtuous”  as their main weapon.   If you disagree with them, they label you a hater.  This is the template example.   I will take it apart line by line.

 Again, Jans hatred of the Mormon faith becomes apparent.

 No such hatred exists.   I have never criticized Mormonism.   Not once.  

 Since Jans first interview with Mitt where Jan attacked and intentionally insulted Mitts church and faith, he has been on a crusade to do everything possible to viciously belittle and deride Mitt and by association his church.

 This is also false.   Nowhere in the interview did I attack Mitt’s church or faith.   In fact during the interview I told Mitt that I agreed with the church.  This is a lie.   And since Mitt’s position on abortion was in disagreement with the official church doctrine,  he is the one which brought  insult to his church.

  Mitt being aware of this hatred of his church by so called Christians was overly sensitive and on guard for this venom. Jan basically told Romney he was a liar and a bad Mormon with the sole intent of belittling him on the air.

 You missed the part when I said I’d interviewed him before and this time was expecting a great interview with a committed Conservative pro-lifer.   Nobody was more shocked than I that Mitt lied about his church. 

 I think Jans hatred is very obvious to any frequent listener especially when you hear the softies given other candidates that profess to be real christens

 So far,  none of the other candidates have been nearly hysterically defensive or lied to me,  or gone on national TV and lied about me.  When and if that happens,  expect me to become a little "intense".

  I suspect every candidate Jan has interviewed has told an untruth (or several) and Jan will correct them politely and move on. Every Christian denomination could be called a cult by someone that has not grown up in the faith.

 If they have, they are better at it than Mitt.    And not once have I ever called Mormonism a “cult”.    This is another lie…a propaganda tactic which again asserts victim status trying to evoke unearned sympathy while attempting to put the other person on the defensive.

 Jans first interview blowing up was no accident, thats the way Jan intended it to go.

 That’s a lie.   Even if it were true,  Mitt didn’t have to co-operate by lying about his church,  accusing me of attacking his church even though I was in agreement with it, and later on national TV lying about hidden cameras.    I even tried to smooth over the interview by offering him another chance,  thinking that the possibility of a misunderstanding existed.  He rebuffed every attempt.   I think its important to note that in my entire career on the radio as a talk show host,  not once has this happened before or since.   It’s also noteworthy that even the people running Mitt's campaign during that election cycle call Romney a fraud.

 And also for the record,  after the Romney interview,  most of the supporting emails and phone calls came from Utah from Mormons who said,  “It’s about time somebody blew the whistle on that guy”.  

Direct download: mickelson-2011-12-16.mp3
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Ramesh Ponnuru, Senior Editor National Review, takes after the Newtster.    Ron Paul on life.   Windsor Heights, otherwise known as the speed trap,  wants to revenue on 235.   Then,  Michelle BachmanNewt GingrichRick Perry,   and Rick Santorum speak on life at the premier of  "The Gift of Life".  

Direct download: mickelson-2011-12-15.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:25pm CDT

Dr. Jim and Beth Blessman talk to Iowans about missions trips to Africa.  "Farmageddon" the movie...about .."The Unseen War on American Family Farms"... a Vermont farm wife tells a chunk of her story with an Iowa connection.   Then,  Jennifer Bowen from Iowa Right to Life talks about "The Gift of Life"...a life affirming movie premiered by Gov Mike Huckabee.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-12-14.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:42pm CDT

Iowans are in a feisty mood over the lost intelligence drone, a butterless Norway, the 14th Amendment and life in general....whew!

Direct download: mickelson-2011-12-13.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:36pm CDT

Lisa Miller from the American coalition for Clean Coal Electricity says the EPA is about to bump Iowa electricity rates up to 20 percent.    Then,  folks around the country wonder about Iowans and the immigration issue.  Plus folks react to the catholic sisters' snotty immigration sign.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-12-12.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:15pm CDT

Adding another lane and toll road to  Iowa?  Iowan's respond.   Then,  Senator Rand Paul says the T-Party can't support Newt.  And a Romney supporter says we should hold our noses and vote for him anyway.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-12-09.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:54pm CDT

"Born to Run"  Christopher McDougall learns from the Tarahumaras that long distance runners don't need shoes.  Then,  Roy Beck from NumbersUSA rates the current crop of candidates on the immigration issue.   Then,  Occupy Des Moines give the homeless a lesson in ethics...steal their stuff...  and the rest of us a lesson a civics...disrupt Republican speeches....again.

Direct download: Thursday_December_8_2011.mp3
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KBL...Kill Ben Laden... John Weisman has a novelized view of what happened.  Then,  flipper flopper roulette...then an atheist says a vote for Gingrich is a vote for gay marriage.   Huh? 

Direct download: mickelson-2011-12-07.mp3
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Tersa Egli with Granite Transformations tell how to get vast quantities of  points with your spouse.  (at least 500)  then Governor Mike Huckabee is holding a presidential forum on life at the debut of  "The Gift of Life".    800-362-4788 for a free ticket...December 14th, Hoyt Sherman Place...

Direct download: Tuesday_December_6_2011.mp3
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Gerald Celente on a rant against the gangsters and banksters who are ripping off everybody.  Then,  Iowans evaluate Harkin, Herman Cain,  and bestiality...in that order. 

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