Tim Goeglein from Focus on the Family talks about "The Man in the Middle"...defending the faith record of the Bush years.   Rep. Ralph Watts wants  to use the E-Verify process when Iowa distributes tax dollars.   Marcus Winters says "Teachers Matter"... how to pick good ones.   Then, little pagan varmints attack the new Valley HS Principal...in the name of the 1st Amendment.   Lordy.

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Tawan Perry...College Sense...stuff you and your college bound kids need to know.  Greg Heartsill want the Iowa House District 28 seat...issues.    Rep Julian Garrett introduces and Iowa version of E-Verify.   Spirited.   Roy Beck assesses Republican candidates on immigration issue.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-30.mp3
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Iowans wonder about the lottery ticket winner and what's the rest of the story...Jim Guthrie from the G.W. Bush Institute...assesses the Iowa education collapse..  Then,  Mary Neubauer from the Iowa Lottery clears up some of the lottery mystery...and creates some more.   Plus,  Iowa wants a "waiver" from NCLB standards.   Good idea?

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-27.mp3
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Cats are Jewish...dogs are Methodists...the theology of pets.  How to recognized the Alinksy pattern at work in a political campaign.   Then,  who has taken Iowans out of the de-tasseling business?

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-26.mp3
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Sabrina Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Independent  Women's Forum... says Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is a bad deal for both employers and women.   Then,  Iowan's respond to the Nancy Pelosi threat against Newt.  Plus,  Iowans are spittin' mad over run amuck traffic law enforcement.  

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-25.mp3
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Do out of work Iowans really need a government employee to help them find a job?   Do Iowans really need to pay tax dollars to build rest areas?   Do Iowans really need to provide "celebrity" hunting licenses?  Iowans have answers.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-24.mp3
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Post South Carolina Newtisms...trying to explain why South Carolina women gave Newt a pass on his serial adultery.     As usual,  Iowans astound and are profound....mostly.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-23.mp3
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David Holt, President of the Consumer Energy Alliance talks about the Keystone XL pipeline hold-ups.    Iowans like the subject...some really great rants on traffic-cam-scams.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-20.mp3
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Iowans respond to the final caucus numbers.   Iowans are embarrassed and sheepish... and PO'd.  Iowa Republican Chairman Matt Strawn explains...satisfied?

Direct download: mickelson-2012-01-19.mp3
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Pop Quiz! ...  how do you fit into the political spectrum...   Then,  Brian Moran wants to defend for private colleges and universities against Senator Harkin's legislative scrutiny.  Iowans have strong opinions.

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