Judy Hintz from Educational Resources offers an insight into what is necessary to fix our ailing education system.   Then,  Best Buy is on the ropes...why... and what the market is doing to adjust. Iowans have insights.

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Timothy Daughtry talks about "Waking the Sleeping Giant:  How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberal At Their Own Game"... Justice Kagin says the US Government has buckets of money for the states...why would they complain?   Then,  nutritionist Lorna Vanderhaeghe says stop blaming your parents for your genes and start eating the right stuff.   Oh...and Senator Harkin says we are a rich country...we still have checks and people to tax.

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Explaining stuff normally unexplained...namely,  why Des Moines,  Iowa has so many ELL (English Language Learning) students...and why Iowa is a low wage state.  What did Thomas Jefferson have to say about debt...and why do Christians say they have to forgive people who are not even seeking it?  Plus can "pink slime" be rehabilitated?

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Aya is an Iraqi....soon to be an  American....married at 11 in Iraq...refugee to Iowa.  A Muslim, converted to Christianity...now in hiding, fearing an "honor" killing from family and Islamic community.  Her story.  Then, Iowans are making themselves part of the Trayvon Martin case...the political theater is here.

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Eric Rosenthal and Lisa Kuzela say that Cedar Rapids shouldn't be given any more flood recovery money unless there are real checks and balances on accounting.  Then,  Iowans and Obama react to the Trayvon Martin killing.

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Dr. Greg Schmunk talks about over-the-counter fake pot...and why synthetic  drugs are so dangerous.   Geraldo says "don't let your kids wear hoodies".   Then,  Congressman Steve King wants to reinforce his opposition to Obama-care.

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Lee Booton from Patriot Outreach talk about the grim numbers of suicides and rape amongst the military ranks.   Then Congressman Braley says unless states adapt Iowa's Kadyn's Law, they won't get their highway money.  He says each year there are 13 million violations...how many fatalities?  

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Iowans struggle to fix a drive-by knifer...  then Tom Coates intros Don Piper "90 Minutes in Heaven: a True Story of Death and Life"...coming to the Iowa Prayer Breakfast April 5th.   Charles Jacobs takes on Louis Farrakhan's role in Sudanese slavery.   James Edwards answers the question of why refugees end up in Iowa...mystery solved.   Then the Farm Bureau says some Iowa bridges are unsafe...then why are open?


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Charles Goyette says we are "Red and Blue and Broke All Over"...says the political class is broken...protect yourself.   Bob Vander Plaats with a pro-family demonstration at the State House.  Then,  revisiting propaganda 101.  Protect yourself.

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Do dogs really watch TV?  Only in HD...says a pet ophthalmologist.  Then,  mom won't let her  kid cross the line to get candy at  the parade...good mom?   Then,  Eric Holder talks about cowing smokers and brainwashing techniques.  Powerful.

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