Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey says the new labor regulations will indeed effect family farm labor practices.    Iowans are more than ready with their “comments”  to the Labor Secretary Solis.

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Jake McCaully (McMillan) from Junkyard Prophet...tells the rest of the story on The Dust-up in Dunkerton.   Do traditional ethics and the message of life need to be "un-done"?   Then,  Rep Walt Rogers says there is still a slim hope to outlaw "gotcha-cams"....  then,  what does "tolerance" really mean?

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Leah Durant gives a "progressive" argument against open borders and tolerating illegal immigration.   Iowa law enforcement brags about Iowans being "compliant".   Then,  a rock band offends the PC police in Dunkerton.   Boom.

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A Montana logger, Bruce Vincent, warns Iowans to look out for professional litigators using environmental laws to milk the system and kill jobs.   Then,  Iowans react to the Afghanistan killings...what to do about a soldier who cracks.  

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Deputy Dan Charleston is running for sheriff of Polk County.   Issues.   Then,  the gay lobby is in full court press on judges and gay rights.   Iowans aren't falling for it.   

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Susan Yoshihara tells about the Russian population collapse...warns US about "Population Decline"  the good news and bad news.   Then,  Iowans insist the Constitution be used and circulated widely.

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University of Iowa basketball.... no program...   (They won!)

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The Pentagon wants to downsize Iowa's 132nd Wing of the Iowa National Guard.   The entire Iowa political delegation is "outraged".   Iowan's defend and explain the importance of the "mission".   Spirited.

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Arizona Sheriff Arpaio says Obama's birth certificate is bogus.   Steve Beaman says if it's true nasty stuff happens.  Then,  what Rush should have said about Sandra Fluke from Georgetown's LSRJ?  Straight talk from the culture war.

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Iowans straighten out traffic snafus... Congressional candidate Ben Lange...issues.  Then, slut-gate...Iowan respond to the Limbaugh dust-up.   We hear from a loving liberal who hopes Rush dies soon.  

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