Bruce Crawford invites Iowans to Omaha May 19th to view a restored copy of the classic film, "Journey to the Center of the Earth".   Pat Boone (who starred in the film)  will be there as a guest.    Then, Dr. Kevin Collins, Crooks, Thugs & Bigots...  then,  Dan Savage bullies a bunch of Christian high school kids.   Taking apart the nonsense.

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Rev. Jeff Mullen wants to be Senator Mullen from the new Senate District 22.  Jonathan Narcisse wants to repair what ails Iowa politics.   Harry Stein says,  "No Matter What...They'll Cal This Book Racist: How Our Fear of Talking Honestly about Race Hurts Us All".    Al Riggenberg wants Senator Gronstal's job.   Then, Iowans ponder what to do with druggie cops.

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Robert Buchar is a political refugee from the old Soviet Union..."And Realty Be Damned"...and "The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story".    Then Mickelson get a "hatchet job".    Plus, Lisa Bedford is the "Survival Mom".   Then, somebody, (we don't know who) from the Polk County Sheriff's office wants "Gotcha Cams" in Polk County.   And Tom Pyle from the Institute for Energy Research tell why gas is so expensive.

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Pavel Stroilov stole a bunch of documents from the Gorbachev archives...he's a Russian historian now living in the West.  "Behind the Desert Storm"...  he warns of continuing Russian mischief.  Then,  can Iowans pass the civics test taken by new American citizens?  Pop Quiz!

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David Shedlock talks about "With Christ in the Voting Booth"... concludes he will not be voting this time around.  Then,  revisiting the Parable of the Pound... then,  the oldest "Bully Bill"  on the planet is more than 4000 years old,  and much better than the new ones.   

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Kaitlin Barnett talks about the "Dosed" generation and what they learned from being medicated.  Iowans tell of their own experiences...including a caller who mentioned neuro-feedback.  Mikey Weinstein from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation blasts the US Aryan SS unit in Afghanistan.  He doesn't like to be agreed with...  :)    Then,  Bridgette Gabriel from Act for America is coming to Point of Grace in Waukee Tuesday pm 7pm. 

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Iowans reaction to Grassley's  "Heads Should Roll"...Sarah Palin's  "You're Fired" the" fast and furious" FUBARS and zipper-gate security agents.   Senator Kent Sorenson... Senator David Johnson...  Rep Glenn Massie... Chuck Hurley... lobby for life and explain why de-funding abortion is being Gronstalled.  Congressman Steve King talks about issues...including a call from an Iowa vet who couldn't get service from a VA hospital cuz it was delivering "services" to Hispanic families instead.  

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Katie Pavilich says a bunch of people should be in big trouble following the "Fast and Furious" disasters.  Including the President.  Deborah Thornton, policy analyst from Public Interest Institute says Iowa remains the highest business property tax state in the nation.  Then, Abrahm Lustgarten describes BP's "Run to Failure" ...what went into the gulf oil disaster.

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Senator Byron Dorgan writes a novel,  Blowout,  as a way to talk about energy policy.  Chris Hall takes a look at Obama's  "Big Picture".   And Iowa Board of Regents President Craig Lang talks about changing the tuition set aside program after a public outcry over its "taking from the haves and giving to the have nots" policy became general knowledge.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-04-18.mp3
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Harold Kwalwasser says when it's education it's time for a "Renewal: Remaking Our Schools for the 21st Century."    Then,  Charlotte Hays of the Independent Women's Forum says "Equal Pay Day" is a myth.  Dr. Wes Crenshaw talks about bullying...and the politics of solid waste bags.  

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