Chris Law helps run Newton, Iowa's Pregnancy Center of Central Iowa talking about an upcoming fundraiser. (Saturday in Newton Iowa)  Joe Williams says public education is "Cheating our Kids: How Politics and Greed Ruin Education".   Then, Iowa Regents schools are "taking from the haves and giving to the have nots"... cuz we need diversity...ulp.   We've been Kibbied.

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Project Appleseed...Bryce Hope invites people to sample history and long rifles.  Jeff Burkett from Iowa Firearms Coalition says there's still time to get some gun stuff done at the legislature.  Here's how.   Iowans really like talking about GMO's.  Spirited.

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Keith Darrell is gonna debate ISU's tax-funded atheist professor of religion,  Prof. Hector Avalos....tonight at 7pm at Hoover Hall. "Is the Bible the Source of Absolute Moral Rules for Today?"   Sounds like fun.    Then,  "The Daily Insult"  says Sharia Law isn't worth our worry...nothing to see here.   Then,  a Democrat activist says Mitt Romney's wife never "worked a day in her life"...boom.

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The Iowa school year start day is being debated....Iowans have opinions.   Jimmy White says PETA shouldn't euthanize sheltered pets.    Then,  Iowans talk about the unemployment kiosks...and have we become a nation of couch sitters waiting for a government check?

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The new Howard Dean effect explained and refuted...then Iowans apply the techniques to politics.

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Deputy Dan Charleston is running for Polk County Sheriff...issues.   Then,  "Debacle"...John Lott says the economy is running the wrong way.   Then,  Senator Grassley tweets up a storm...more on the courts.  Nathan Tucker says it's worse than we thought.

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Open-line interrupted by "Hoodie Day"  at Valley High School.  Some kids decide to wear hoodies to school to demonstrate against profiling based upon clothing... great conversation.

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Shawn Heflick, a snake herder from Geo Wild talk about the new show...he's into poisonous critters and likes to share.   Then,  the cashier from Git-n-Go is out of work after selling gas for $.39 a gallon.   She's a little bugged at Iowans.

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The Stupid Party mugs Obama,  while making him embrace the doctrine of judicial supremacy.  Then,  Obama blasts "social Darwinism" while  subsidizing it.   And busted for breaking into one's own home?    The rest of the story.

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Title 9 is coming to the high school level?   Equal sports money spent for gender equity...good idea?  Sabrina Schaeffer says,  "nope".   Then, Iowans sort out a bunch of moral dilemmas...dang that Golden Rule.

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