Potluck...education reform...Jonathan Last talks about "singletons"..."A Nation of Singles"...  the basis of our civilization is at risk.   And are "preppers" dangerous?

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Senator Kent Sorenson wants to restore the death penalty in Iowa.  Noreen Gosch says it's overdue.  Iowans respond.  The "The Sackster" says the Midwest is losing national influence.  What to do?

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Peal Harbor Day...revisionist history...John V Denson  and   John Koster.  Important.   Then what happens to Iowa if we go over the fiscal cliff?   So,  what do we want?  Then, economic and political guru, Wayne Allyn Root says the cliff is in our rear view mirror.

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Iowan's ponder stuff.   Including the African American National Anthem...the Hobby Lobby....and why is George Bush speaking up on immigration?

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The election is over...so?  Polk County and Windsor Heights put Gotcha Cams on the  fast track.   Iowans say,  "Not so Fast!".   This is way more than just a whining session.  Some great conversation about how to be "self-governing".   Is more Big Brother the only way to handle a self-centered culture?

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Inspirational birth stories.   Senator Rand Paul Paul on the fiscal cliff.   And why are Democrats still playing the race card now that the election is over?  Cuz it works?

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Bob Costas blames a murder suicidal behavior of a football player on the gun.  Huh?  Then,  Sean Faircloth talks about the Attack of the Theocrats!  spirited.

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A movie review of Lincoln the movie.  The perils of onions.  And Michael Ware and Rick Largess give us a Prepper 101 class.  

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Contingency Bag Contents (everything in heavy duty Ziploc bags)

 2 full rifle mags

 Fixed blade knife and small stone/rod for sharpening

 Handcuff key   10 safety pins

 Deck of cards  Flint @ steel

Twine/dryer lint for tinder

 Fire starter cubes

Lighter w/small zip tie to prevent leaking

Water proof tubes containing batteries

2 contractor grade trash bags

Superglue     30 feet 550 cord .

Tweezers   Milspec canopener

Food (cliff bars/mMRE’s/canned tuna/dried nuts)

Water Bottle

Katady and  Electrolyte tablets

 Chem light sticks

 LED light sticks


 Space Blanket



 Signal mirror • Duct tape

 Sunscreen • Chapstick • Bug spray • Heavy leathergloves

 Hand warmers

 Wet wipes

 First aid Supplies:

 Medical shears

 Misc Bandaids

 Misc size Gauze

 Med tape

 Micropur tablets  and First need Water Purifier

Alcohol pads

SOF Tourniquet

 OLEAS bandages




Broad spectrum antibiotic (levaquin)

 CPR mask

Triple antibiotic ointment

Sterile rubber gloves

 Cohesive Medical Bandages (COHERE)  a Ice pack

Topical anesthetic


Useful websites for constructing a bug out bag:






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Robert Franklin says Americans accused of wrong doing have lost the presumption of innocence.    Mike Farris from the HSLDA, says the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is going to hand over American sovereignty to the UN...again.  Iowans wonder about Wisconsin's white deer.  

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