Dr. Georgia Purdom says it would have been perfectly OK for Senator Rubio to say the Earth is young.  Makes the case for a young Earth.  Then,  our favorite eagle gets electrocuted.  How?  Plus,  do we really want to send Singleton to go to prison for 16 years?  

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Brian Peskin,  health guru,  back in town tonight 7pm Hilton Garden Inn,  Johnston.  Sponsored by Healthy for Life 327-0200.  Then,  is it time to let parents use their own money to educate their OWN kids...hmmm?   

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Melvyn Fein  Post-Liberalism:  The Death of a Dream.  Cheeky.  Plus,  Iowans define justice for a cop harasser.    And lottery talk.

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Coyotes are moving into urban areas of Iowa.  Johnston residents are concerned.  DNR isn't.  What do real experts say?  Great Iowa stories.   Worthwhile indeed!

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Justin Lee "Torn:  Rescuing the Gospel from The Gays-VS.-Christians Debate".  Spirited.  Varnum v Brien, the Iowa court case.  Then,  what's the story on Catholic & non-Catholic marriages?  Plus,  the lady says modern High Efficiency clothes washers suck...cuz of the feds.

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The Atheist as Prophet

At the base of Islam is the well-known confession, "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet." This defines the fundamentalism of that oppressive and close-minded religion: One authority, and one voice for that authority, any­thing outside of which is damnable.

Atheist's say they abhor this type of dogma­tism, preferring "freethinking"—a not unwhole­some thing in itself—but many unwittingly fall into a very similar type of self-imposed mental blindness in the name of free-thought. One need only recall the history of Marxist-inspired revolution, and the mass graves of "dialectical mate­rialism" (a fancy phrase for "atheistic struggle," or which could well be put, "atheist jihad"). This history has well been written of elsewhere.

 Among the atheists who inspired those slaughters stands the figure of Leon Trotsky, whom Hitchens relates was immortalized in a definitive biography entitled The Prophet. "Prophet" now carries a pejorative to the extent that it implies a voice of authority: especially in the form of God telling us how to live. In the past, when these atheists have taken a stand against God, they have turned and formed their own dictatorship and ruled as gods themselves. The creed of atheism, were its proponents careful and honest enough to formulate it, would inevi­tably mimic the Islamic pillar thusly: "There is no god, and I am His prophet."

This is a direct quote from a great little book by Douglas Wilson.   "God Is"   How Christianity Explains Everything...  a reply to the late Christopher Hitchens, a renowned atheist who wrote a book "God Is Not Great :  How Religion Poisons Everything".

Delicious reading.

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JP McCarthy warns us against "The Money Spiders, the Ruin-Nation of the United States by the Federal Reserve".    Clayton Cramer says our neglect of the mentally ill is costing way more thank a real solution would. My Brother Ron: A Personal and Social History of the Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill.  Plus pondering Petraeus.

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Bill Dix wants Iowans help to "Fix the Debt".   Doctors are warning patients Obamacare will leave them without doctors.  Thor Moreno is an Iowa filmaker...under production.  Then, Obama wants to nationalize Iowa lakes, rivers, and streams.  

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Fishing for HHO in Iowa.   Got some bites.  Then,  historian Russell Corder writes about the Confederate Invasion of Iowa.  Huh?  Yup.    Judge Andrew P. Napolitano  ... Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedoms.  

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Steve Locker talks about entry level ham radio.   Then,  Iowans wonder about the why and wherefores of the economy and the election.

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