Ross Peterson sits in for Jan....the Lincoln coach gets fired.   Lincoln fans get fired up.

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Col Al Ringgenberg is running against Sen Mike Gronstal.  Issues.  Then just cuz yer paranoid doesn't mean you don't have enemies.. trying to make sense of a recent Gov. Branstad hire.   Plus dipping into the email pouch.

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Matt Schultz,  Iowa Secretary of State,  updates Iowa on efforts to ensure the integrity of our voting process.  Vigorous.   Then Obama apologizes to the cannibals for Columbus.  Plus other stuff.

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Colonel Dick Brauer says this administration's leaking intelligence is putting the US mission  in Afghanistan at risk. On the subject,  an Iowan who has spent time in Afghanistan wanted us to know...     Then,  Matt Rose from Voice of the Martyrs... a weekend conference in Des Moines.   Detroit police say enter their city at your own risk.   And the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement warns Iowa hunters to stay clear of pot farms.      And an Iowa hunter wonders if the DNR guy was right when he says you can't carry your handgun when hunting.

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Dr. Charles Wadle is using new technology for treating depression.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy Walid Shoebat says the west got hustled on the Innocence of Muslims movie uprisings.   Then, in  Madison,  Obama supporters agree that Obama not being "allowed" to use his teleprompter at the debate was unfair.   Really.

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Danny Carroll and Chuck Hurley respond to Christopher Rant's thinkpiece calling for the retention of Judge Wiggins.   Ian Berman is a foreign policy expert...on Iran...speaking Thursday night 7pm at Drake.  Then,  feedback on the Romney-Obama first debate.

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John Koster..."Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR's White House Trigger Pearl Harbor".  Great conversation. Cherylyn Harley Lebon,  Project 21 looks at NYC Mayor Bloomberg using schools to issue morning after pills to teenagers without parental permission.  Then,  Sheriff Bill McCarthy loses it at a candidate debate.   He compares his opponent to mass murderer Timothy LeVeigh.

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Guy Cook representing the Iowa Bar Association gives the Retain Judge Wiggins arguments.  Vigorous to say the least.

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Steve Flood says Obamacare is being implemented...and it's gonna cost a bunch.   Dan Charleston is running for Polk County Sheriff.   And Congressman Tom Latham makes Mickelson tear up.  Et Tu Tom?   

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Michael Ware explains why he thinks the Ames vote against home gun sales is mistaken.  Then, talking about everything from wind energy to exploding gas tanks.

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