Iowans respond to the Boston Marathon bombing...the Iowa connections.  Trying to make sense of true evil.  Vigorous.

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Amity Shlaes talk about "Coolidge".  Great history.  Then, having some fun at the Statehouse.  A legislator wants a "minority impact statement"  on a new law... huh?

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Shane Vander Hart is the Caffeinated Thoughts guy...and he is lobbying against the Common Core stuff.   Six Reasons why conservatives should object.  Misinformation on Common Core.  Ways to Fight.  Iowa Core vs Common Core.  Common Core Math Problems Climate change Core connections. And Rep Greg Hartsill says legislation to return liability protection for recreation use of Iowa farmland is being blocked by trial lawyers.  It's Farmers vs Trial Lawyers.  Put cher money on the farmers. 

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Deal Day for background check legislation.  Iowans evaluate.  Not impressed with the deal yet.

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Jerome Corsi talks about "Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square".  Grab it...another smart book for the shelves.  Then, trying to explain Iowa stuff.  Plus,  Kim Lehman and Dr. Alan Moy from the John Paul II Medical Research Institute with the Give Cures campaigning for stem cell research... Sen. Rick Santorum coming to Iowa for a fundraiser.

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PETA has drones.  Cool.  Target Practice.   William Norman Grigg talks about Nationalizing Children.  And the gay lobby trumps the governor, again.

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Father and Families founder Dr. Ned Holstein thinks our divorce courts and child support system is destructive, expensive, and desperately needs to be fixed.  Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood executive wants to call people out of the business.   And a case of animal abuse gets our attention...big time.

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Senator Bertrand Brimley with a notable piece of legislation...could be a huge economic boon to Iowa.  A concert fundraiser for Iowa's oldest African-American church. Rev. Angela Lewis with some tasty music.  (April 19th at Grace United Methodist Church @ 7pm 244-5883)  Then some Iowa ag experts worry about Iowa soil, GMOs and health issues.   Jerry Carlson, Mike McNeil, Bob Streit and Howard Vlieger.

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Discovering the City of Sodom...Dr. Steven Collins and Dr. Latayne Scott.  Turns out it is exactly where the Bible says it was.   Betsy McCaughey says Obamacare costs are exploding.  Filmaker Dennis Michael Lynch says Forget the Americans.  He says seriously bad people are stealing into the country.   Plus,  the non-Governor's Conference serves up unintentional humor.  Plus,  shooting a thief can getcha tossed into the slammer.

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Responding to Reka...and who wrote the first bully bill anyhow?   And why are chickens so mean to each other?   Mercy.

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