Sean Faircloth circuit riding atheist...issues.  Parents are wondering why they are being asked to sign a phys-ed contract.  Why?  Then GOP Republican activist Doug Gross talks about Iowa's political future. 

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Senator Mark Chelgren...Iowa issues. Life and Death.   Plus,  is there a Constitutional remedy which is usable to hold criminals accountable?  Yup.   13th Amendment has the key.  

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Peter Lance ...Deal With the Devil...The FBI'S Secret Thirty-Year Relationship With a Mafia Killer...insightful.   Then,  the "Clown Did It"... the rodeo clown gets bucked off.

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 Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says Obamacare is self-destructing and he'd like to help it along...toward destruction.   Then Dr. Merrill Matthews says even federal employees want out of Obamacare.   Whoops,  the Iowa Department of Safety decides to not release license plate exemption data.

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Dr. Phil Harrington is the laser guy...says a new wrinkle in laser technology can help pain victims heal more quickly.  Then,  the Butter Cow is assaulted, a kid literally prays to Obama,  and a judge says ya can't name your kid,  Messiah... and it's only Monday.

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Congressman Steve King...issues.  Edwina Rogers with the Secular Coalition wants humanism to be our state religion.  Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough are visiting the State Fair before their visit to the Family Leadership Summit on Saturday.    Alaskan Senate candidate Joe Miller visits Iowa too.  Issues.

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Jim Hawkins and Jody Nations  from Professional Educators of Iowa talks about fixin' what ails Iowa's fading ed establishment.  John Cunningham and Steve Mallicoat from the Iowa Ready Mix Concrete Association talks about the advantages of concrete in construction.  Plus, can people use religion as a reason to say no to stuff they don't agree with?

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Walid Shoebat says US is backing the wrong side...again.  And Teresa Hudson is with the National Christian Forensics and Communication Association...teaches homeschoolers how to debate the issues.  Inspirational.,  Representative Sue Wallis is the go to person on renewing horse slaughter laws.  Informative.

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What's a Practical Farmer?    Ron Rosmann from the Rosmann Family Farm near Harlan, Iowa...National Geographic tells the story.    Then, the Founder's Bible...John Peterson...coming to the Family Leader Conference.  Then,  "White Girl Bleed Alot" redux...the examples of black racist crime keep accumulating.  Colin Flaherty.

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A judge puts a temporary halt to Iowa's renewed horse slaughter.  Debate ensues.  Julie Fisher talks about  Importing Democracy with NGO's.   Then, more horse debate.  

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