Iowans respond to the continuing government shut-down and President Obama's morning campaign speech.   We hear from a bunch of Iowans, including taxpayers and furloughed federal workers.  Spirited.

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Bernadette Egger, from St. Mary's Family Center,  runs the food pantry.  She says all of  DMARC's food pantry's need extra help now.    Senator Bertrand Brimley gets serious.   And Iowan's evaluate "the right to healthcare",  from FDR, Harkin, and now Obama.  Spirited.

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 Ellery Schempp is one of the atheists responsible for getting prayer and Bible reading removed from government schools.  Iowa atheists brought him to Des Moines to celebrate the anniversary of the court ruling.   A.J. Spiker and David Fischer, Chair and Co-Chair of the Iowa Republican Party, talk about political issues and party management issues.   Steve Flood describes the train wreck which is Obamacare.

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Adil Khan executive director of  Liberty Iowa...talks about the future of the Iowa Republican Party. Then,  Iowans think about the potential shut-down of the Federal Government.

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