A fake signer invades the fake history at the funeral of Mandela.  Still trying to untangle the mess.  Senator Rand Paul says the budget deal is a mistake and endangers the reserve currency status of the dollar.  And Alex Newman worries that the death of Mandela could unleash a new round of genocide in South Africa.

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A California lawsuit could start to break up the NEA stranglehold.  Terry Pell filed suit. Jim Hawkins has Iowa reaction.   Then,  more Mandela malarkey.  And the closing of the Iowa Juvenile Home gets some blow-back.

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Lincoln's Marxists Walter Kennedy fills in some amazing history. John  G West remembers C.S. Lewis--"The Magicians Twin"   Peter Hammond--remembers Mandela.   Ilana Mercer put us "Into the Cannibal's Pot".  The same pot that boiled civilization in South Africa is now kindled and fired in the USA. 

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Opportunities Unlimited deny the Rev. Cary Gordon the opportunity to buy their Jumpy Monkey coffee. Huh?  Steve Deace chat's about the political season.  Steve Goreham says it's time for the climate change zealots to admit they're full of it.

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Was Robin Hood a good guy or bad guy?  Do cats care?  How can people of modest means be living so well?   And we invent a new word.   Gamester.  

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Is Iowa ready to manage scarcity?  A judge says Detroit can nuke their pension obligations.  The canary in the coal mine for Iowa's pension distress.  Senator Brad Zaun issues a pension warning.  Much great discussion.

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 "Why America Needs a Left: a Historical Argument"...  Eli Zaretsky.  So I give him one.   Bill Stowe says science says "Yes" to the continued use of fluoride in our water.   Alex Fitzsimmons says Iowans are "takers"  and "rent-seekers" on wind energy.  He has the numbers to prove it.  

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Lamar Waldron delves into the Hidden History of the JFK Assassination.  Conspiracy.   Gretchen Tegeler says Iowa's public pension system is a wreck and  is getting worse.  

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