Responding to Reka...and who wrote the first bully bill anyhow?   And why are chickens so mean to each other?   Mercy.

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A welcome to a new sponsor...Clean Sweep...Brian Brennick.   Then,  an ADHD epidemic.   Why?   Then,  why is the 3rd biggest company on the planet cost-shifting its labor costs to the taxpayers?   Food stamps and Medicaid.

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Survivalists are all map readers...Green Beret training...Iowans know how to do it.   Then how to rescue Congressman Braley from PCness...if we are inclined.  And 'nuther guy says we can amend the Bill of Rights with a treaty.   Iowan's say it's bull-hockey.   And a terrorist victim is denied a Purple Heart cuz it might mess up his shooter's trial...  Iowans wanna puke.

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Bradlee Dean, inspirational speaker, wins another lesson against bullies...first in Iowa,  now in Florida.   Jake Dagel is resisting anti-Christian bullies using tax dollars for a gay propaganda seminar.  And Obama still puts out the 40 percent myth.  

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Mike Whalen sits in and has a humdinger...a doctor, Dr. Keith Smith,  who is sticking it to the 3rth party health care finance scam.  Delicious.

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Ben Wiker explains How Liberalism Became Our State Religion: Worshiping the State.  Kevin McLoughlin wants Iowa to have an optional flat tax.  Congressman Steve King....issues.  Professor John Eidsmoe files a friend of the court brief on the SCOTUS same gender marriage issue.

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Steve Forbes warns Americans about the Cyprus effect.  Tamara Scott warns Iowans about the gay lobby's governor's conference. John Horvat from the steps of SCOTUS...same gender marriage debate.  John Stewart is an expert on Proposition 8 the California public's will to define marriage.  Iowans opine.

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Professor Roger McEowen evaluates the Iowa Supreme Court decision on "frolicking in the hay" and what the legislature can do.  Delicious word of the day?  "Abrogate".    Bob Vander Plaats is going to Washington to resist SCOTUS on same gender marriage.  Ken Hoagland was to abrogate Obamacare.   Jake Dagel is a DMACC student who doesn't want to pay for a gay lobby propaganda.   Then, Iowan's try to support the Post

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Senator Kent Sorenson delivers a speech which has had some viral tendencies.   'Nuther aggressive fund-raiser from Windsor Heights.  Ragbrai is getting organized...TJ Juskiewcz is the director.    Alex Warren put together Losing the West..  a documentary about the demise of the cowboy rancher.

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Senator Mark Chelgren isn't convinced about the efficacy of wind energy.   Rob Hach is a true believer.  Conversation ensues.  James Bovard has a snot attack over the Vilsack/USDA looking for victims PSA.   Then, Frank Miniter with the Ultimate Man's Survival to survive a cougar attack... (the four legged kind)

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