Iowans think about Harry Reid, liberal remorse,  Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, the gay lobby mugging the governor, Harkin on the minimum wage, and  Obama's limo getting  the wrong fuel in Israel.  All interesting stuff.

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A.J. Spiker talks about the GOP...Growth & Opportunity Project. Senator Rand Paul to headline Lincoln Dinner.  Steve Deace, fresh from C-PAC...analysis.   Rand Paul says he was misquoted.    And Governor Branstad gets hustled by the gay lobby. He apparently thinks the Iowa Safe Schools project has something to do with safe schools.   Perhaps he should read the agenda of his own Conference.

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Dr. Andy Bannister highlights and upcoming prayer breakfast with Ravi Zacharias...way pithy.  Cameron Caswell with    Then the legislature "abrogates" a court decision.  Weeeeelllllll,  now...  who would have thunk it?    

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John Zimirak,  The Bad Catholics Guides talks about the new Pope.  Then, politicians change the subject.  Nannies now regulate parade candy.  And  Kurt Loving sings real purdy.  The Pleaser.

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Joel McDurmon gives advice on "Restoring America: One County at a Time."   Powerful.   Dr. Ben Carson describes "America the Beautiful".  Inspirational.   Then "Why does anybody "need" an AR-15 anyway?  Is that a conversation ending cliché?  

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Senator Rand Paul...issues.   Brazen, Bungling, Burglars.  And Copper Clappers.  

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"Beautiful Nate"...Dennis Mansfield.  A touching of loss, love and restitution.   Then, an E-15 critic, David Holt...says the AAA has non-recommended it for good reason.  Plus,  Des Moines is adding dash board cameras to city vehicles...good idea?  

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Tryin' to make sense of stuff on post DST Monday.  Then, Mike Hammond from GOA thinks Senator Grassley needs a push on another 2nd Amendment issue.

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Mychal Massie talks about racial politics.   Capital Justice killed off during funnel week.  Noreen Gosch  and Senator Kent Sorenson promise to keep pushing for justice for murdered and abused children.  Jeff Burkett describes what has been accomplished for 2nd Amendment rights in this session.  National Firearms Museum's senior curator Phil Schreier tells about the real reason Lewis and Clark survived their expedition.  And a plague of locusts brought to a halt in Israel.

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Dr. David Robbins with Des Moines Plastic Surgery talks about  Coolsculpting...using the power of cold to reduce body fat.  Then and some Iowa 6th graders make a video asking the president to re-open the White House for their class trip tour.  

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