Terry Jeffrey evaluates Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony.   Then,  Iowans respond to Obama's expansion of women in  military combat roles. Vigorous.

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The kids from Joshua Christian Academy ... the kids are great .  Rev Keith Ratliff.   Then,  a great story about a dolphin which asked a human for help...really.  Plus,  Senator Rand Paul with an issues stop in Iowa.

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Mark Doland is running for Mahaska County Supervisor...he and several local farmers don't want a regional airport, nor the use of imminent domain takings of local farmland which it would require.   Then,  Piers Morgan asks if the 2nd Amendment allows for private ownership of tanks.  The historical answer.  Spirited.

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Juda Meyer has a remarkable story affirming life.  She is the result of rape.  On an abridged, pre-inaugural day, she is worthy of a listen.

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An education horror story....with a positive ending.  Judy Hintz has a message for parents of school kids in distress...with a dad who finally got help for his son.   Then,   looking at the propaganda mill in action.  

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Chip Duncan has produced a three part documentary The Reagan Presidency, for IPTV beginning 1/21.    Ray Comfort produced Genius, a peek at John Lennon, and the moral collapse of almost everybody.   President Obama delivers his 2nd Amendment  Executive Order Manifesto.  

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"Beating Obamacare" Betsy McCaughey talks about how to minimize the damage. She advises that seniors to develop health issues before the law kicks in.  Seriously.  Gov Branstad with the State of the State Address.  Then,  an Iowa veteran,  Oath Keeper,  Gabe Lanz,  tries to explain the 2nd Amendment to the Des Moines City Council.  Crickets.   Applause from the rest of us.

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Senator Mark Chelgren with a pre-session preview.  Issues.  Nan Stillians remembers Joan Bunke with great fondness.   Plus a Johnston math teacher shows the class a preview of a "Texas Chainsaw" movie.   Huh?

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A panel deals with Iowa's educational collapse.  Iowalive.net,    Judy Hintz,   and former Superintendent Al Meyer...how to pick up the pieces.  Currency guru Jim Richards with some serious predictions.   Then,  should Obama swear off swearing in?  

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Alexis Luscombe is a Valley HS student.   She is training in a hospice... her story.  And her mentor, Jen Eppert from the Career Opportunity in Health Care program at  Central Campus.   Inspirational.  Can pets cure narcissism?  Then an Iowan David Wilson,  goes to Turkey...as a missionary.  Stories.   Plus progressives declare war on the 2nd Amendment. 

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