An Iowa legislator  makes national news by recommending the government outlawing and confiscation of AR-15s.  Iowans respond.  Trying to make sense of the 2nd Amendment culture war.

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Bruce Thatcher deals with "Immigration: How to Avoid it's Perils and Make it Work"....we're hosed.   Then,  MLK day bumped by snow days.  Negotiate?   Then,   Congressman Steve King wants to fix our "anchor baby" loophole.    Untangling the knots in the media shinola.   

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 Bob Morrison says it's time to get ready for another round of Honor Flights for WW2 vets.  563-388-3271    Jeff Patch with another installment of Harkin Redux.  Monte Shaw defends ethanol against a Fox News story.  

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Former Congressman Bob McEwen give us a cultural pep talk.   Then, Iowa Secretary of State, Matt Schultz,  explains how he's trying to qualify Iowa voters while answering some activists' objections.

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In search of the perfect potato salad... then,  Iowans think "we're hosed"....  and it's only Thursday.

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