Gary Barrett…  more issues.  Along with Craig Robinson.

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Gary Barrett… issues.

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Iowans remember the Kennedy assassination.  David Barton ponders history...Black Robe Regiment.   Issues.

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 Wendy Melillo describes How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America.  Most Americans want to yank the plug on Sotero-Care.  Mark Rushdoony talks about The American Indian.  Are we all at risk for "reservation fever?"   And,  coyote worshipers?

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 Thomas DiLorenzo says the Gettysburg Address was a fraud.   Judy Hintz brings more inspirational stories from Educational Resources.  And Bob Vander Platts from the Family Leader talks about David Barton's Iowa visit for Saturday's fundraiser...issues.

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 Jim Owen created the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership...The Try.  Allen Zasadny builds and tunes professional quality air rifles. (319-334-7261)   Remember the Lewis and Clark Girandoni air rifle conversation?    Dennis Haislip and the Blue Collar Opry has a new song.  A Hero's Welcome Home. Matt Philbin, managing editor for the Culture and Media Institute say MSM compares limiting government to the Constitution to the old a tactic.  Gretchen Tegeler heads the Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa.  How taxpayers can defend themselves.  An upcoming training seminar for taxpayers.

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Carl Christiansen and Rebecca Aske...Beauty Amidst the of the most inspirational stories of love, sacrifice and adoption...ever.   (Speaking at the New Hope E Free church in Adel on Sunday, November 24)  Then, Scott Bestul from Field and Stream is the Total Deer Hunter Manual...then,   Colin Flaherty explains what the Knockout Game is all about.

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Is MMA safe?  Needs to be reformed for the health of the athletes?  Dave Ferguson worries.   Steve Flood says Obama-care will cost average Iowans an extra dollar an hour beginning January 1.   Wayne Allyn Root says the wheels came off and won't be found until  2017 at the earliest.  Deep Shinola...   plus is being healthy the new "white privilege"?  

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It's fix Obama-care day.   The massive failure of the roll-out causes Iowans to look for alternatives.  Best conversation Obama pitches a fix.   Sale?  No-Sale?

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Monte Shaw responds to an AP hit piece on Ethanol.  Betsy McCaughey blasts the latest Obama-care spin.   And workman's comp for these people?   Three puzzling cases.

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