Jamie Johnson... Rev Cary Gordon... waging the culture war...vigorous.

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Scott Raecker from Character Counts...Labor Day conversation.

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Is it Ok to ask judicial candidates worldview and personal questions?  Some say it's dangerous.  Then,  Andrea Alexander-Shandri, Dr. Mandi Hillman and Meagan Day Suhr advocate for the Iowa birth Organization.  "Evidence-Based Care"  Then,  a Democrat prayer thanking God for abortion and and asking Him for more money to do more of them...really.

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John Zmirak talks about the best and worst, most expensive and best bargains which can be found ...Choosing the Right College: the Inside Scoop on Elite Schools and Outstanding Lesser-Know Institutions.   Then an Iowan is busted for not showing his gun permit to a Wal-Mart cop.  Making sense of the law.  Wet Water?   Derrick Wilburn talks about Obama's War on Black Education.

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Franklin Avenue Public Library is on the cutting edge of powering up electric cars.   We lose money on every charge...how do we do it?   Volume, Volume, Volume.   Jonathan Narcisse and Rep Greg Hartsill introducing major education and social reform.   Time to legislate common sense?  

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How to get a good night's sleep when its hot (pillow in the fridge?) ...the history of Iowa's ice harvest... and war fever?   In Iowa? 

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Daniel Flynn says there's a "War on Football".  He says it is physically grueling and sometimes dangerous.  However,  not nearly as risky as the hype suggests.  William Federer is coming to Iowa..."What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an". (Tuesday 6:30pm Pipac Center, Cedar Falls...1521 Technology Parkway.)  And pulling the plug on the wind?  And watching out for Molly.

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Joy Pullman from the Heartland Institute says Iowa shouldn't fall for the Common Core education stuff.  Shane Vander Hart Agrees.   Then,  Iowa is losing the Air Guard Wing for good.  A Georgia grade school book keeper saves a bunch of lives.  And a bunch of things to do this weekend.  Whew!

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Eric Holtzclaw from Laddering Works says honesty is better than sneaky.  Then, stuff Iowans are good at and not.  And busted by the Iowa Fire Marshall.   Trying to break a record.

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Weird stuff what don't make sense. (Chinese can't pee straight)  Rocks through windshields...and Iowa City can't even run a ped-mall.  

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