One of our listeners, Sam, reports years of telemarketer, robocall abuse.  Scary and funny.  Iowans are REALLY, REALLY annoyed by robocalls.  And what works and what doesn't.   BOOM!


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The PEO Solution with Brian Peskin and Dr. Robert Jay Rowen.  Then, the gas tax hike trial balloon.  Will Iowans go for it?  More questions than answers so far.

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Obama say climate change is a fact.  Marc Morano says not so fast.   He's the guy the just man-handled Bill Nye the Science Guy.   Then, how can shooting yourself in the leg getcha charged with a felony?   Then, the Humane Society eggs Congressman Steve King and the whole egg-buying public in California.  

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Jacob Kvinlaug wants Iowans to build zero energy houses...he says the tech is here and now.  Mark Preston from CNN is going to be measuring the Iowa response to the SOTU address tonight.  Plus, a couple of cases of Iowa Nice bites us in the butt.

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Critics are worried that non-evolutionary theories might be included in some new science standards.   Dr. Steven Meyer says "Darwin's Doubt" is justified.  And an upcoming debate.  Then,  why is  the 1st Church of the Wooden Spoon so quiet on Sunday morning despite all the kids?  

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Michael Furchert "Miracle Behind the Berlin Wall"  says the American church is making all the same mistakes made by the German church before Hitler.  Insightful.  McDonalds is having a senior moment in New York.   And should the taxpayers us the minimum wage as a weapon against the welfare state and illegal immigration?

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Jonathan Narcisse is pondering a Democratic run for Iowa Governor.  Ron Unz, conservative Republican activist says it might be wise to adopt a higher minimum wage.  He says its a conservative position.   Then, Souls on Ice...Maria Lancaster advocates adopting embryos...she did it.

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Headlights on bright is probable cause for police to go fishing.  They caught some pot.  Lotsa Iowans who have been shined. Then,  Tony Fairfax says future Republican presidential candidates have no chance of winning unless they sound like Democrats.  "The Presidential Trend".

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Ted Broer says our nutrition is feminizing American males.  "Breakthrough Health".  The State of the State...abridged.   And "The Game Plan"  Kevin Freeman,  Senior Fellow from at the Center for Security on economic warfare.   Powerful.

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Beauty Amidst the Ashes...another inspirational story of love, adoption,  and dedication.the Christiansen family. Participating in an Iowa Right to Life event.   Guy Cook says Iowa is thinking about doing away with the Bar exam before newly minted lawyers could practice.  And should some Iowa roads be abandoned?

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