Six Cyclone football players have died since 2003.  When does the death spiral begin?  Some hard facts to fix it.  Then E-Cigs?  Banned from ISU librarys cuz they could damage books?   Then,  does Wi-Fi kill plants?   Some Iowa homeschoolers may try to duplicate the experiment.

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Iowans will not give up on expressing their complete dissatisfaction over the Iowa State Fair plan to go cashless.   The political class is listening.  Then,  pundits wonder if Iowans give a rip about  Gov Christie's bridegate.  So we tell 'em.

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The Iowa State Fair is planning to go cashless for food.  Money exchanged for tickets for vendors...designed to halt commission skimming.  Iowan's are way less than thrilled.

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Scotty Taylor reminds us about how to achieve balance in our quest for health...and a reminder about the "itises".   Michael Connely says the grounds to impeach Obama are overwhelming.  Senator Rand Paul reviews issues...unemployment, NSA and the safety of our money.  Then an animal welfarist confiscates a farm dog, both stealing, and trespassing, then sending a bill to the owner for a totally unnecessary "rescue" based upon a totally anonymous "complaint".    WTH?

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Trying to figure out the new rules during the artic vortex on diesels and other mysterious critters.   Surprisingly,  Iowa is on the cutting edge again.  And are animal welfarists wrong about dogs and cold?

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Sam Clovis running for Senate deals with issues.  Then,  does Iowa have poorly engineered hills for sledding kids?   Shameful.   And has the knock-out game come to Iowa?  

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A look back at some of the best conversations:  Juda Meyers--an amazing pro-life story.  The Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell from Seal Team Six.  Joel McDurmon,  What Would Jesus Drink?  Dr. Ben Carson, America the Beautiful.   And Illana Mercer, Into the Cannibal's Pot.  

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