Steve Jeffery, and English physicist turned minister soon visiting Iowa to speak.  Joni Ernst, running for US Senate.   Ann Scott Tyson remembers the American Spartan, The Promise, The Mission, and the Betrayal of Special Forces Major Jim Gant. Then, Iowans remembering Younkers after the downtown fire.. now...and then.    Diana Kautzky introduces us hearing issues and Woodard Hearing Centers.  Prevention is the key to keeping one's hearing.

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Congressman Steve King tries to make sense of Obamacare and the Iowa Republican Straw Poll...and other absurdities.  Representative Tom Shaw talks about Constitutional Carry and Personhood.  (Two separate issues)   Then no more fishing in the Des Moines River?  Huh?

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Mary Merrit if the Iowa Right to Life Director of End of Life issues.  They have an upcoming conference...Imposed Death: A Conference on Stealth Euthanasia Saturday March 29th  515-244-1012 for reservations.   David Bossie, Citizen's United endorses Sam Clovis for Iowa Senator.  Then,  who took the fast out of fast food?  Plus,  is the Iowa meat locker industry still healthy?   Iowans say, "Yes."

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 Diane Munns from the Environmental Defense Fund gives Congressman Bruce Braley plaudits for his support of clean energy...launching a multi-million dollar ad campaign, including Iowa.  Then,  did Joni Ernst help herself with her "make 'em squeal" campaign ad?   Then, Congressman Bruce Braley commits truth...and can he survive his own honesty?  

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Iowa has a dyslexia problem?  Kay Greivling has the story.  So what's wrong with paying politicians to go away anyway?  If Governor Branstad can do it,  why can't we?   I'm up for a fundraiser.  Betsy McCaughey says the Hobby Lobby case isn't a women's rights issue unless require a subsidy.   Secretary of State Matt Schutz says Judicial Watch is slightly off on it's critique of Iowa's voter rolls being packed with non-existent people.  Only slightly.   And David Chung repeats his disappointment with departing Iowa Republican Party Chair AJ Spiker's comments on medical marijuana.

Direct download: mickelson-2014-3-25.mp3
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David Fischer defends AJ Spiker's pro-legal medical marijuana statement.   Then,  why won't Catholics stop being ripped off...paying twice for educating own kids?

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Dr. Lee Hieb is a Libertarian running for Iowa Governor.  Dr. Miriam Grossman says our kids are being defrauded by the sex ed industry.  It is killing them.   Omalbanin Rezaie is a foreign exchange student from Afghanistan. Drew Shuman paved the way.

Direct download: mickelson-2014-03-21.mp3
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Revolt: The Secession of Mill Valley...when people get fed up enough will secession work?  Ray Bourhis ponders it.     Joel McDurmon gives us Noah: The True Story.  And Sheriff Ted Kamatchus says he really wants and needs drones for his job.

Direct download: mickelson-2014-03-20.mp3
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Dr. Mary Manjikian says sanctions as a tactic of influence are pretty weak and ineffective.  So don't bother.  A Russian-Iowan,  Eugene Tsirulnikov,  gives insight into the new cold war and Putin.   Tasty.   And are Iowans big tenters or are they American traditionalists?

Direct download: mickelson-2014-03-19.mp3
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US Senate Candidate Matt Whitaker defines his issues.  Money man James Rickardts deal with The Death of Money...why we we have few real weapons to use against Putin.   Jim Hawkins says non-union teachers are being dumped on by the establishment.  And Senator Mark Chelgren says the Democrat version of the bully bill has a political agenda.

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