NICHE talk.  Big homeschool doings on Capital Day on Tuesday.  Vickie Crawford, Brian Bopp, Bill Gustoff,  Steve Deace and  Sam Clovis talking about the liberty of homeschoolers.  Then, issues and answers. Everything from Putin to drones.

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AJ Spiker is stepping down as the chair of the Iowa Republican Party Central Committee.  A final report and some interesting political gossip.  Dr. Ramesh Richard from REACH is visiting Iowa...inspiring the next generation.   And Sunday is the worst day of the week for food servers cuz of church people (mainly Baptists) are crappy tippers.

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Steve Deace has Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Wind Again.  Spirited.  Marriannette Miller-Meeks running in the 2nd District for Congress.  And a fellow says Bald Eagles are killing newborn calves in Decatur county.

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Odds and Ends.  Issues. Peaceful Pandits riot in Fairfield.  And Iowa judge gives an attorney 12,000 bucks in fees for representing another peaceful Hindu (tried to kill his girlfriend)  who doesn't want his food in contact with cooking utensils which have EVER touched meat.   And Iowa legislators want to make texting while driving a primary offense.  Iowans are a little skeptical.  

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The tragedy of human trafficking. A Night of Gospel Centered Justice is trying to address it.  Kimberly Smith is speaking at the First Church of the Open Bible Friday the 14th at 7pm.  A concert and lecture fundraiser to rescue girls.  515-274-9296 for tickets.  Make a Way Partners.  Then, several other Iowa rescue organizations tell their stories. Wings of Refuge.  Freedom for Youth. Whoops the Supreme Court of the United States may have just messed up the Rails to Trails movement to use abandoned rail beds for bike trails.  

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Nathaniel Johnson from Grist says GMO's aren't that big O' deal.  Issues of the day.  And an extensive review of 12 Years a Slave. And Gary North compares the tale of  two slave systems.

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Sam Clovis talks about foreign policy issues as he runs for US Senate.   Secretary of State Matt Schultz talks about the lawsuit blocking his office from checking the integrity of the voting process in Iowa.  Senator Rand Paul before his C-PAC speech...issues

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Dan Riskin say Mother Nature is Trying to Kill Us.  And the cold has moved critters indoors.   Lance LoRusso says sometimes first responders aren't fully covered if they get hurt on the job. So,  Hunting for Heroes.  Then,  lotsa Iowans are struggling with frozen water lines...what to do?

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100 Words Every 4th Grader Should Know...Steve Keinedler from American Heritage Dictionary...Iowans have a few words 4th graders should NOT know.   Elizabeth Morgan, former Iowan, has a daughter who may benefit from medical marijuana tells her story.  Then,  how to handle a scam artist bill collector.  Wendy McElroy, "individualist feminist",   says the 1 and 5 myth is alive and well on Iowa college campuses. She calls it the fake rape crusade..  And voting machine failure in a local election?

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Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster.  Edwin Lyman from the Union of Concerned Scientists wonders about the Iowa implications.  Then why is  the DNR investigating the guy who accidentally shot himself in the finger?  Inquiring minds.  Then, it franchise vote day.  Councilman Chris Coleman explains the economics of the refund vote.  Time for an aspirin.

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