Another crack at the dyslexia and autism issue...Judy Hintz has more insight.  Bloomberg is on the fast track to heaven...what does that mean for the rest of us?  James Rickards reports on The Death of Money.  What happens if the US Dollar loses its reserve currency status?  Rep. Kevin Koester takes the "hush" out of the money.  Politics and Money.

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Ken Blackwell says we have to fix Fannie and Freddie.   Joel Kurtinitis says a couple of candidates bailed on the Grandview US Senate forum for no good reason.  Danny Carroll is trying to calm the waters.  And it's illegal in Iowa under 14 to fire handguns.   Parents are wonder why they can't while under their supervision.

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Iowans talk about the DNR making an ash of a guy's collectible Pontiac convertible.  And how to avoid crating a flat spot on infant's heads.  And a reconsideration of the Nevada's BLM cattle rustlers or freeloader ranchers, depending upon your ideology.  

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 Steven Kennedy plays classic guitar...very well.  The Iowa Classic Guitar Society--upcoming concerts.   Then,  JD King has a new documentary movie: Blue.  Blue vs Green.  How the Greenies have put our economy into the Red.   Tom Hoefling is primarying Governor Branstad.  Issues.

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Secularity is coming to Iowa. Saturday.   Then should Veishea be permanently dropped?    "No Way", say Iowans.

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Joseph Capizz, Professor of Moral Theology at the Catholic University of American give a "Catechism for Business".    Pope says socialism is contrary to Christianity.  Susan Barton is the guru of dyslexia...coming to Iowa.   Rebekka Maxwell with the Save the Storks Summer Tour.   And a big apology to Iowa's truck drivers.

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Dr. Alan Koslow wants to assist in the breakout of secularism in Iowa.  He's bringing the grand poobah of atheism, Richard Dawkins.   Robert Cramer is running for congress.   The Constitution Quest with the Barret's, Dave, Joe, and Pam...we play the game with listeners.  (special offer for WHO listeners...enter "three" as the code when you order.)  Then,  Secretary of State Matt Schultz got sued.  Wants the Iowa Supreme Court to agree with him on protecting the Iowa voting system.

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The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine.  Dr.Terry Wahls.  (public meeting, Sunday 2:30 Des Moines Public Library)   Dr. Kevin Leman on Parenting Your Powerful Child.  Very Funny.  Then famous wardrobe malfunctions.  And some, not so famous.

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Now the UN is pushing the autism agenda.  Iowans reflect.  Then another round of bully legislation conversation makes Iowans wonder about the agenda of gay lobby again.  Great, great calls and conversation.  All open-line.  Vigorous.

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April Fools stories which are true.  More Braleyisms.   Joe Meintz from St. Gregory Retreat Center has a new program for eating disorders.  Steve King says The Register's  Gaffe Hall of Fame List is based upon refutable lies.  Then a potential homeschooler gets great advice on how to get started.  Then the real source for the story line of the Noah movie.   Answering the questions,  "What Bible Where They Using?"   Not the one you think.

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