Court talk, Pelosi nonsense, and Iowa is trying to hold its water...with cisterns.

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The Real Custer: From Boy General to Tragic Hero  by James Robbins...with an Iowa angle.  Then,  Obama's lips are moving again on the  illegal immigration issue.  Then Outdoors Dan talks about a fundraiser for Blank Children's Hospital...a wild animal feast..Wednesday July 30th...221-9900 for tickets.

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Iowans see the signs alone the highway, "Random Drug Stop Ahead" and don't respond well.  Alot.

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Jonathan Narcisse is still in the governor's race...Independent.  Tim Overlin makes an attempt at Iowa Republican Party unity.  Swing and a miss.  Edward Klein with juicy political gossip about the Blood Feud between the Clintons and Obamas.  David Osterberg wants more local control for CAFO's.  

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If a tree falls in Urbandale can anyone hear it?  Then, a bunch of un-neighborly examples embarrass Iowa.  Then,  what's  "...obedience to the unenforceable...?"  and why it's the solution to growing nannyism.

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Dr. Stephan Domenig on The Alkaline Cure...controlling body chemistry through diet.  Then feedback on the David Young nomination to the 3rd District congressional seat at the weekend convention.  And Glenn Beck apologizes to the wrong people.

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Secretary of State Matt Schultz talks about a new Boy Scout license plate for supporters.  And about the state of Iowa's electoral process.  Then,  the political class is already milking the recent flood of illegal immigrant children.  (Editor's note:  I mistakenly made reference to Cherokee when,  the true location was Clarinda and Woodward) Senator Harkin and Obama are raising a couple of billion dollars to pay for the "humanitarian crisis."   

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Harry Reid focuses on NFL trademarks while the country is in shambles.  Iowan's focus on Harry Reid.  Lotsa sprited conversation.

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Here's the link to Damien Cave's WHO article on immigration.


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Stephen Moore talks about the connection between super-wealthy Tom Steyer and Obama's failure to approve the Keystone pipeline. Then Iowans ponder what's wrong with McDonalds.  They have slipped to #10 on the list of satisfied customers.  #1?  Papa Johns.

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