Dr. Lee Hieb gives a great summary of the Ebola issue and evaluates  the question of should the  National Guard should be sent to fight it.  Shawn Dietz sends a letter to Governor Branstad asking that he resist any attempt to send the Guard.  Candidate  Dr. Marianette Miller-Meeks also says it's a bad idea.

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 Heath Knakmuhs, energy policy activist, says Obama energy policies will spike Iowa energy costs.  Then,  why are we appalled over animal abuse and human sexual behavior?  There has to be a reason. Boone is dealing with  pictures of neked kids.  And another danged pitbull story.

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Leave a LegacyDavid Burrier and Johnne Syverson have ways to keep funding good stuff with your legacy and to keep the locusts away. Connie Mackey from National Organization of Marriage is campaigning against judge made gay marriage. Margaret Hoover is in Iowa celebrating many Hoover historical celebrations.  Then "Christians should be seen and not heard?"  

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Donald Trump and Congressman Steve King talk issues.  Sending the military to West Africa to do what?  Iowans are not so convinced about anything being served up regarding Ebola.  

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 Judyth Vary Baker writes about David Ferrie...one of the most "eccentric" characters linked to the JFK assassination.  Then, both Ernst and Braley had major "whoops" moments in the debate.  Braley on the 2nd Amendment and Ernst on DACA...and healthcare.

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Eric Granof can bail you out.   Then an Ankeny cop goes fishin', for pot.  Then Iowans wonder about law enforcement stuff...like why are DOT cops running speed traps?  And other imponderables.

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Getting your mower put away and snow blower ready for action...seasonal small engine advice from PNP small engines...Jeff Nicholson.  Then,  a rant about congressional candidate David Young serving up befuddling stuff on the immigration issue.   WTH?

Direct download: mickelson-2014-10-09.mp3
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 Businessman Mike Whelan says the EPA is a piece of work...undo it.  Then the nice lady cries over her sister chickens are being consumed by cannibals.  And should dog breed be given 14th Amendment rights?

Direct download: mickelson-2014-10-08.mp3
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 Eric Peters is a Libertarian Gearhead...a new cult to which I aspire.   Jon Michael Van Wyk is starting an Iowa-based fencing club...really.  And a review of the Young-Appel debate.  

Direct download: mickelson-2014-10-07.mp3
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Dr. Kevin Leman, Have a Happy Family by Friday.  Humor and Common family sense.  Congressman Steve King, egg wars, Donald Trump, issues,  etc.  And why do we give the military the worst stuff?   

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