The Midwest Quartet Association is having a weekend convention.  Tom Brown, plus the Stillwater Quartet gives us a sample.  (Today and Saturday Holiday Inn Airport, Des Moines)  Joe Meintz from St Gregory Retreat Center talks about how humans mess up and get put back together.   Brian Gongol explains how politician invade the internet, even our phones.  No place to hide.  Then,  the EPA is targeting wood burning stoves and water heaters.

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Two California poker players have their pokes ripped off by Iowa State Troopers...under the forfeiture laws...Attorney Glen Downey.   Who is that Tom Steyer guy?  The left wing version of the Koch Brothers?  Dan Simmons talks about the influence of rich guy, Tom Steyer...follow the money...again.  Jessica Vaugh says the Ebola infested Liberian who showed up in Dallas was just another Visa "mistake".   Plus are breaking traffic laws sinful?

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 Dr . Lee Hieb reviews what we think we know about Ebola and again warns about letting people from affected countries come to the US.  And some vaccine skepticism.  Political feedback from Iowans about the political class.  Then Iowans strategize to overcome political cynicism.  Hey?  Why do Dems hate the Koch brothers anyway?

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The Whitehouse security sieve...Van has boots on the ground in Washington with the honor flight...and the minimum wage issue in the Ernst-Braley debate.  Vigorous.

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