Pastor James Weaver remembers the Poland trip.  Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson tells moms to warn their boys against the feminist rape culture on the college campus.  Professor Kristine Tidgren wonders about the property rights of Iowa farmers dealing with pipelines and power lines.  A bunch of other Iowans wonder too.

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Keeping your license as an app on your phone?  Then, Des Moines Central Campus students stage a  faculty approved "die in" in solidarity with  demonstrations around the country.  Iowans evaluate the language and tactics of the occasion.   Spirited.

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A "conservative" way to reduce America's prison population. Vikrant Reddy is from the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  Then, Eric Holder serves up more PC drivel.  And Iowa's agribusiness "refugee" hustle continues to kill Iowans.

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Senator Grassley gets a head butt from Senator Schumer.  And here's the phrase of the day.  "Non-consensual towing".   Iowans explain what it means.  Vigorous.

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More Iowa connections to the St. Louis murder of an Iowa-Bosnian.  Then,  untangling some more knots in human nature.  And stolen valor?  

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The roads and bridges people produce a commercial which says our kids our in imminent danger of collapsing bridges which will destroy the school buses they are riding in.  Governor Branstad says SCOTUS opinions are "law"...that means Iowa taxpayers have to pay to educate illegals.  Lyle Burkett from  describes a nifty process to upgrade concrete and walls...and block radon and mold.  515-250-1632

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Obama turns AG Eric Holder loose on police profiling.  An imam explains why "Merry Xmas" is offensive.  And the Iowa political class says kids will die if "we" don't give them more money for road and bridge repair

Direct download: mickelson-2014-12-02.mp3
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Tim Morgan asks would it be like If God Won Our Elections. Then,  if Gov Branstad can pardon turkeys,  why can't he give felons their rights back?  Inquiring minds and all that.

Direct download: mickelson-2014-12-01.mp3
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Tangling with airport NAZIS,  Cupcake and Cookie NAZIS,  a president who says he makes law and a president who can't define a "stranger".   Vigorous.

Direct download: mickelson-2014-11-26.mp3
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Senator Rand Paul wants the USA to declare war formally on ISIS.  Bob Vander Plaats and Mike Demastus recalls the Freedom Tour.  Then fixin' Ferguson. Dr. Ben Carson talks about how he got out of poverty.  

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