Dr . Lee Hieb reviews what we think we know about Ebola and again warns about letting people from affected countries come to the US.  And some vaccine skepticism.  Political feedback from Iowans about the political class.  Then Iowans strategize to overcome political cynicism.  Hey?  Why do Dems hate the Koch brothers anyway?

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The Whitehouse security sieve...Van has boots on the ground in Washington with the honor flight...and the minimum wage issue in the Ernst-Braley debate.  Vigorous.

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Senator Rand Paul wonders about how to define war in the middle east and how to measure US commitments.  An Iowa farmer catches a political film crew using a quad copter to film his farmland for a political commercial...that the farmer doesn't support.  Drew Teghtmeyer wonders. Then, sub prime car lenders kill the ignitions of cars owned by folks behind on payments.  By the millions.  Then a huge tip for a poor service?  

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Talking with the quad-copter photographer, Colin Powers,  who filmed a bunch of Des Moines from his drone. A drone's eye view.  Then, a bunch of open-line Friday...remembering John Lofton, thinking about war, druggies and Tesla.  And agreeing with Rekha Basu...the end is near.

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So is it just a matter of time until Iowa legalizes recreational pot so it can be taxed?  Interviewing the lady with tourette syndrome  wasn't a good idea...then getting paid for liberating Iraq?  Jonathan Narcisse is running for governor.

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Filmmaker Jason Scott Jones is in a Race to Save Our Century.  A brilliant display of Catholic theology, applied social theory.  Senator Grassley...issues.  And it's time to pull the plug on a failed social experiment...government schools.  Latte salute?

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Ralph Reed from the Faith and Freedom Coalition says we are in an intergenerational existential threat from Islam.  The Fall event is upcoming.  Congressman Steve King on military action in Syria and Obama's lawlessness at home.  Then,  "...don't look a gift horse in the mouth."  Huh?  

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 Steve Lonegan is trying to Fix the Dollar...audit the Fed and restore the gold standard.  Sam Clovis says Iowa's public pension systems are vulnerable and have huge unfunded liabilities.  Orleans Koehle   is an activist from California's Eagle Forum in Iowa to lobby against Common Core and Agenda 21...

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Michael Farris says it's time for a Convention of the States to fix the holes in the Constitution created by the courts and the rest of the political class (of varmints).   Credit card or debit card hacked?  And other modern electronic headaches.  Then,  Eduard Qualls says we have a trucker shortage and what to do about it.

Direct download: mickelson-2014-09-19.mp3
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Dr. Duke Pesta talks about Common Core and online home schooling.  Then, why a treaty cannot endanger your rights...can't take away the 2nd Amendment,  get jurisdiction of your kids or mess up home schooling...unless we are too poorly informed to know our rights or refuse to defend them.  Then,  high profile alcoholics and the treatment they get by their bosses and media.

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