Bob Bixby and Mike Murphy are from Fix the Debt.  They want to make debt a campaign issue.    Bob Vander Platts, just back from Israel…insights.   Then,  Iowans want highway money to be spend on bridges and roads,  not re-distributed for trails and parks.  Iowa DNR doesn’t want us to hunt cougars…only in self defense.

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Rep Greg Hartsill introduces HF 101 to deny the Iowa issuance of same gender marriage licenses and to return marriage to  DOMA as the current law of the state.    Dennis Michael Lynch campaigns in Iowa.  Iowans are getting set up for a gas tax hike.  Brian Peskin  says he has the cure for cancer.

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Does Iowa need expanded categories for medical cannabis?  Katie Krug and Karie Anderson need the assist.  Then,   George Friedman describes Flash Points: the emerging crisis in Europe.  Plus, a potential fix for peanut allergies.  Iowans are hopeful.

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Senator Rick Santorum stops by.   Tom Lampe with FirstNet Outreach Antonia Murphy is the Dirty Chick: True Tales of an Unlikely Farmer.  And the California chickens have come home to roost.  Egg prices spike.

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Ambassador John Bolton reviews the Freedom Summit.   Bob Dane from FAIR evaluates immigration reform future under Obama.  Iowans evaluate the performance of the candidates and Congressman Steve Kings Freedom Summit. 

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Governor Mick Huckabee- God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy.   Joy Brighton--Sharia-ism is Here.  Senator Ted Cruz...Iowa Freedom Summit.

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HF 65...Iowa Democrats serve up a Death With Dignity bill.   Pastor Demastus objects.  Iowans ponder.  Then,  Obama disses Maid-rite?   Heresy!

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Larry Cleverly has a family vegetable farm the DOT wants to carve up to build a safer highway.  Mr. Cleverly thinks it’s unnecessary and wrong to take his land.   Rebecca Maxwell lobbies for life…Iowa legislation… SF 11, 12.   Then Iowans review the SOTU and Senator Joni Ernst’s rebuttal…and get nostalgic about bread sack boots.  

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President Obama wants to give free community college education to Americans.  Iowans are skeptical.   Then Jonathan Cahn of Harbinger fame says the next prophetic step is The Mystery of the Shemitah.   Short story is the USA is hosed.

Direct download: mickelson-2015-01-20.mp3
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One Nation Under-Taught... Dr. Vince Bertram,  Project Lead the Way.  Tamara Scott talks about MLK day.  Congressman Steve King talks about the new class.  Iowans go to American Sniper in record numbers. 


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