Former legislator Kim Pearson highlights some odd legislation just introducesPastor Cary Gordon blasts Senator Matt McCoy’s bill to make it illegal to help kids struggling with “orientation” issues.   Governor Branstad delivers his inaugural address.   And Iowans wonder about what they should send their kids in the military for care packages.   (baby wipes #1)  

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Lolo Jones is coming to Inspire 2015Dr. Lee Hieb with Surviving the Medical Meltdown.   And Iowans are skeptical about a Winchester found in the desert.

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Tom Reed tells about the Reagan Enigma.   Dave Bush and Jimmy Pena talk about an upcoming physical and spiritual health seminar.  The governor’s state of the state address, and Iowans evaluate it.

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Dr. Aveda King talks about racial issues.  She’s coming to Iowa for “Restoring the Dream”.  Then,  Iowan respond to the Democrats who want to bump Iowa’s minimum wage to $10.10 over the next three years.  Then,  Mark Deuitch says PeopleClaim can negotiate better than lawyers can for a settlement.

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Whoops…vapor lock doesn’t mean THAT?   Iowa farmers don’t like the Des Moines Water Works proposed lawsuit against NW Iowa counties for nitrates in the river.   Senator Rand Paul on the issues.   Then,  Doug Gross and Leonard Larson reject the oil pipeline across Iowa.  They don’t want eminent domain used to acquire the land.  515-242-2400 to get a lawyer to fight the pipeline.

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A gas tax hike and increased education spending arrangements are on the fast track in this legislative session.   Both Governor Branstad and Sen Mike Gronstal agree,  their goodies should be funded quickly.   Iowans are not so sure.   Chase the links and study your school district scores.

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Congressman Steve King talks about the anti-Boehner uprising.  Then Iowa issues.

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Texe Marrs  talks about DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline.   Incendiary.  Then,  the art of the perfect hashbrown.

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Bob Eschliman, former editor of the Newton Daily News,  and Craig Berman have started The Iowa Statesman as an alternative source of news.  Congressman Steve King says he cannot be persuaded to support John Boehner again for Speaker.  

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