Senator Brad Zaun says the un-reformable gorilla in Iowa politics is government education.  Therefore, terminate the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa State School Board.  Feisty.    Then, a bar-owning legislator was to allow minors into his bar.  No sale.  

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Senator Marco Rubio  is in Iowa for book signing and to begin his quest for presidency.   Then,  Bryan Osborne has some Answers in Genesis.   He will speak this weekend he will talk about fossils, dinosaurs and race.  Then, ducking bicycles on Iowa roads,  or else.

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Do mountain lions in Iowa need to be protected by law?   Shane Grifin says “Yes”.  Other Iowans, including the legislature,  not so much.   Then,  responding to phone scams.   Issues.

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Judy Hintz and some educators talk about what needs to happen to rebuild Iowa’s drooping ed system.  Then,  the Iowa legislature takes a baby step towards decriminalizing pot.  Good idea?

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90 Minutes in HeavenDon Piper is coming to Iowa Sunday, February 15th at Norwalk Performing Arts Auditorium 8:30 & 10:30 am.    Jonathan Narccisse says the state of Iowa is awash in money and doesn’t need to hike the gas tax.

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Dr. Lee Hieb on “Surviving the Medical Meltdown” political and health advice.     Michele Chrystal wants  Iowans to go to the Governor’s science standards for education.  Dave Stanley resists the gas tax hike hype.   Issues.

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Robert Spencer takes apart Obama’s Prayer Breakfast trolling.  Applying Obama’s real standards to his own issues.   Iowa State Senator Roby Smith on the failed effort to establish majority rule in Iowa.   Retired teacher, Steven Phelan is lobbying for more money for Iowa education.  Issues.

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Fat-Me-Not: Weight Loss Diet of the Future.   Dr. Sandeep Grewal says even our bacteria in our stomachs are sugar addicts.   Then,  a new law would fine left-lane-loiterers…and flog them if my amendment passes.   Plus,  Iowa Senate debate on allowing for majority rule in the Iowa Senate…fails.

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Iowans respond to the burning of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS.  Angry.  Then Representative Josh Byrnes explains why the Iowa gas tax should be hiked a dime per gallon.  Iowan’s are not convinced.

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Rep Walter Rogers has another gas tax alternative plan.   Dr. Lee Hieb is an anti-vaxxer.     Marc Morano is a climate change denier.   Evaluating the rhetoric vs performance of “science”.     The 97% myth.    And Obama is illegally giving work permits to millions of illegals.

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