Day two day at FAIR’s Radio Row….an extended conversation with experts on immigration.

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First day at FAIR’s Radio Row….an extended conversation with experts on immigration.

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You’re Lying…Military interrogator at GITMO,  Lena Sisco,  describes how to tell.  Noreen Gosch talking about a documentary,  Who Took Johnny.  The rest of the story.  Steve Berry, The Patriot Threat…how the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified.   

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Senator James Webb is in Iowa pondering a run for the presidency.  Issues.    Then Jonathan Narcisse says Iowa has law enforcement has some uncomfortable similarities the with the cop shooting in South Carolina.

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Senator Rand Paul…issues.   Snarky.   Then,  Iowans wonder about Wiccans, Satanists and Moslems at the Iowa Statehouse.   And Catholics are divided at Dowling?

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Dowling…the rest of the story on the refusal to hire the gay guy.   Dennis Prager explains  The Ten Commandments.  Mark Everson is a presidential candidate.  Issues.

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Homeschool Day (Capitol day 2014) at the Iowa State Capitol…Vickie Crawford with the details.    Andy Curran introduces the WeVote Project—stalking politicians.   (in a good way)  Gov.  Mike Huckabee coming to the Homechool Day.   Downtown  Des Moines food kiosks?   Then, then it’s Dowling’s turn to get hammered by the gay lobby.  Spirited.

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Max McLean highlights upcoming performance of  the Screwtape Letters in Ames.  Then Pastor Mike Demastus want to have a real prayer at the Statehouse to offset one by a Wiccan priestess.   Calls for a state-wide moment of prayer.

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Dr. Peter Breggin talks about Overcoming  Guilt, Shame and Anxiety.   Blind people can carry guns in Iowa?  And where’s the best place to take pictures in Iowa?

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John Lott says the FBI has been politicizing their crime stats.   Orthodox Jew, Nathan Diamet says Jews that support same gender marriage are liberals...that’s their true religion.    Jake MacAulay  from Institute on the Constitution coming to Iowa …Cedar Valley Community Church in Waterloo…Wed, April 15 at 6:30pm.   Senator Lindsey Graham…issues.

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