Wednesday February 28 2007  

Lynn and Chris…Over-Eater's Anonymous…inspirational stories.  In Iowa?   Then,  Rep Steve Lukan  from Iowa's 32nd District with House File 484, a bill  to Prevent Internet Hunting

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Tuesday February 27 2007

Mark Meyer Briggs and Stratton  generator techie answers questions…….. Safety tips and repair issues…  "The Children's Blizzard"   David Laskin, January 12,  1888 huge blizzard,  then Newt Gingrich's  American Solutions for Winning the Future.   Oh,  another Culver "I Feel Good Update".

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Monday February 26 2007  

Mike and Barb Haigwood  of  "Wife Swap"  fame talk about the  primitive diet   with their diet guru.   Aajonus Vonderpanitz   wanna hear more?   Then,  I win the snow wars.

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Friday February 23 2007 Steve Winzenberg,  media guru at Grandview College reviewing the Iowa connection on ABC's Wife Swap.  Con Steve King  reviewing a recent trip to border with National Security Chief  Michael Chertoff.     How much money do illegals cost Iowa taxpayers?  The Iowa Legislative Services Agency  has a plan to get more taxes out of illegals.  Wanna great job with a dental plan?    Like to wear pink?  Oh,  who has killed more Americans  than Iraqi insurgents have?  
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Thursday February 22 2007

Elaine Donnelly describes how woman are now getting shot up in combat roles.   Then,  will good intentions or real budgets decide how we spend the new tobacco tax money?

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Wednesday February 21 2007

State Senator Paul McKinley on Iowa Education reform.  The Minority Report.  "The Vatican Exorcist"   Tracy Wilkinson,  LA  Times Bureau  Chief, covering the Vatican.     "Amazing Grace" behind the song you love… Chip Flarhety,  VP of Walden Media... the movie opens this week-end.   Very Powerful.

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Tuesay February 20 2007

David Pimental is an ethanol atheist.  He says it isn't the answer to our energy future.  Iowans respond.    Iowa is debating the approval of human cloning.  Kim Lehman,  Dr. John Redwine and Dr. David Prentice explain why that's a bad idea.  Then,  the real reason Britany Spears lopped off her hair.

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Monday February 19 2007


Dr. Robert Morey  with powerful insights into Islam. 1-800-41-TRUTH. He is starting a university for Islamic studies.   Then, great open-line on everything from "tolerance"  to Iraq policy.   Great stuff.

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Friday February 16 2007 Dr. Michael McGregor from  Briarwood Dental in Ankeny talks about jaw pain, mercury fillings and state of the air dentistry. Gum swapping...  Then,  silly stuff including Twiggy, the water skiing squirrel at the Des Moines Sports Show..  Then, the nearly Psychic Suzy.
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Thursday February 15 2007

Congressman Tom Latham… with his summary of House Resolution speech... and the response of  Congressman Leonard Boswell.    An Urbandale lady is skeptical about the up-coming bond vote on a new recreational facility.    A spokesman from a Draft Condi group makes her pitch.  Then,  cougars and bears should be protected in Iowa?

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Wednesday February 14 2007 Chris Horner with the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming.  Snot galore.  Iowa Republican House leader Chris Rants blasts the Fair Share dues grab.    Dr. David Egilman takes after Merk and Vioxx, linking big drug money to the HPV vaccine hustle  in Texas.   Then, Peter Labarbera  says Iowa got mugged by the gay lobby in the last election.  It gets worse.
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Tuesday February 13 2007



Doug Gross with education reform proposals Institute for Tomorrows Workforce.  Vigorous.   Then,  how to murder a murder of crows.

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Monday February 12 2006

Congressman Tom Tancredo is still seething over the Ramos jailing and beating...he'll tell you why.  Then schools, taxes and all-day kindergartens.   Lotsa talk

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Friday February 9 2007

Former Iowa Representative Ed Fallon and friends talk about campaign finance reform, the new legislative session and accordion music.

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Thursday February 8 2007

The so-called  "Bully-Bill"  dominating debate within the Iowa legislature.  Iowans evaluate the process.  

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Wednesday February 7 2007 Spokesman from  resist the Linn and Johnson county Silo tax along with and advocate.   Teddy Boy Haggard may be bringing his "on-line" psychology degree to work in Iowa.   "Global Financial Warriors"  the untold story of international finance in the Post-911 world.   John B Taylor former Treasury Under Secretary of International Affairs 2001 to 2005.
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Tuesday February 6 2007

Democrats want to require non-union teachers to pay union dues.   Jim Hawkins from  says that's a bad idea.   So does,  Mark Mix , from  Then , Marcus Winter from  Manhattan Institute for Policy Research  says teachers are not under-paid.   Plus,   what the gay rights  "Bully Bill" is really all about.  High energy conversation.

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Monday February 5 2007


"Made to Stick"  Why Some Ideas Survive and Others DieChip Heath with post Super Bowl commercial ratings.    Then, former Iowa Governor Vilsack calls for the immediate withdrawal of US from Iraq.  What do Iowans think?

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Friday February 2 2007

Judy Hintz from Educational Resources shocks and inspires us.  515-225-8513   Kids, parents and adults who have been helped to read.    Best yet.     Then,  Jason Brown, an Iowa country singer  hands out samples.  Plus,  lotsa openline.

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Thursday February 1 2006


An amazing panel of fiscal experts in Iowa for a "Fiscal Wake-up Tour".  David WalkerComptroller General of the United StatesRobert Bixby,  Executive Director of the Concord Coalition.   Stuart Butler,  Heritage Foundation.  Isabel Sawhill Brookings.   Conclusion?   We can't afford it.  And we are now billing our grandkids.  They insist that's a bad thing.  Then,  Dr. Bruce Perry  with "The Boy Raised as a Dog"...a psychiatrist fixes damaged kids.  Matt Barber  finds an AIDS activist who stumbles into truth.  Plus,  Cedar Rapids buys $5000 worth of Tom Sawyer,  but says its too UN-PC to use.   Hilarious!

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