The wheels are coming off the education racket...time for RICCO?   Phat stuff. Monday, Etc.

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Jari Love tells us how we can "Get Ripped" without any illegal substances...Congressman Steve King with a quick health care bill assessment.   Then,  bunch of Friday open-line... lotsa fun.

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TheYugo...a light-hearted look at the Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History...Jason Vuic... Sheena Iyengar describes the "Art of Choosing"... then,  a couple of guys blast the census...then,  Iowa Board of Education is deciding the fate of a 14 year old pot pusher. 

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Maury Lane defends Fed-Ex against the UPS boys.   Senator Rick Santorum talks about law and health care.   Stephen Baskerville says the family court system violates the Bill of Rights.   Taken into Custody.


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 What's Project Lead the Way?   And how is it workin'?  Looking for a few good engineers.  Dr. Ken Maguire...Dr. Rob Denson...DMACC..Lori Schaefer from Agri-Industrial Plastics and Karen Wilken from the Kern Family Foundation.   Ed Slott on IPTV on how to "Stay Rich for Life."    Stuff

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More conversation about the huge Des Moines teacher purgeCongressman Tom Latham with a legislative update. 

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Gov Culver wants to expand gambling even more.  Iowans respond... Friday open-line... spirited

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Let's slap an atheist for Jesus?  WWPD?  (What would Peter do?)   Iowans evaluate the nonsense served up by a couple of Iowa politicians...who says MSAs have Failed?  Sprited.  The governor of Indiana raves about MSAs...

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Mariannette Miller-Meeks running for congress in the 2nd District.  An introduction and issues.  What could be the grounds of an appeal in the Becker case?  How about a fully informed jury?   The 1828 dictionary jury definition.  Kate White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan says "Hush".

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Barb and Gary Rosberg are into Strengthening Military Marriages & Families in Iowa...upcoming seminar for outgoing Iowa troops.   Sen David Hartsuch says before we take away 2nd Amendment rights...even for a good cause...without some checks and balances.   Then the Guthrie Center shop teacher gets suspended without pay.  We talk with Dale Halferty.

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Monday open-line...300 Des Moines teachers will get the axe.  Who won't?   Follow-up on the Wiccan idol being built in shop class...the teacher gets suspended.  Sigh.  Candidate for State Treasurer Dave Jamison wants the job.  Why?   The judge in the Becker case gets snotty with the jury...zat ok?

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Ken Hoagland wants to raise a taxpayer revolt.   I'm up fer it.   Brett McMann of ABC blasts Governor Culver's Project Labor Agreement  executive order.    Then a  shop teacher says he must allow a kid to build a Wiccan worship alter in shop class or be fired...  sigh.

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What new gun regs in Iowa are concerning 2nd Amendment advocates? Dr. Alan Koslow is looking for used prosthetics for Haiti...inspiring story.  Then,  an orca kills its there an Iowa link?

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More text message nonsense.  Michael Stanier talks about how to  "Do More Great Work" ...says technology sometimes makes us less efficient. 

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 Congressman Tom Price visits Iowa to turn up the heat on the healthcare debate.    Congressman Steve King  has bugged the progressives....again.   And what will the jury do with the Becker insanity plea?

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Consumer to not get ripped off.   Chuck Hurley wants Iowa to have a vote on marriage.  Gov. Mike Huckabee coming to town to help out.

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Tiger Wood's major mea culpa...and will a text message ban target minorities?   And is Iowa more windy than ever ever knew?   And we fix a buncha stuff.  

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Noah Boyd...novelist..."The Brick Layer"...former FBI agent....great stories.   Then,  the unions are calling it "Reasonable Re-imbursement"  instead of "Fair Share"... will that fly?

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Dr.Cal Beisner sticks the knife into the corpse of the global warming conspiracy...and twists the blade.   Congressman Steve King shoots a marauding raccoon...Iowan's tell their own stories.

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A little audio doodling re: the Gov... then,  an animal cruelty story grabs the attention of Iowa.

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Global warming activists admit they made it up,  but say it was a useful lie.  Cheney and Powell say gay rights is a generational issue...and attitudes have changed.  Therefore?  Lotsa talk.

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Jonathan Krohn takes a crack at "Defining Conservatism"... Larry Pratt and Aaron Dorr want us to be very careful with upcoming "Shall Carry" away too much power to the political class.. one of topics was the charge that some medical professionals are getting involved in the gun issue.  Here are a couple of stories. In their own words.  Then Suzie. 

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Brenna Findley wants to be Iowa Attorney General.   Issues.  Impressive.  Sean McClanahan from Iowa Carry is trying to advance a shall issue law through the legislature.

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Dems say they can't deal with the marriage issue cuz they are too busy creating jobs...OK then.    Sen Paul McKinley explains politics in this session. 

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Intercollegiate Studies Institute American Civic Literacy Program...issues a civics test to bunch of college kids...results?  Grim.   Not a cliche', the more college,  the less the students know about the American system.  Take the quiz.   Let me know how you do.  Dr. Warren Throckmorton with more info on the Uganda anti-homosexuality legislation.  Plus,  the Iowa legislature has an Oprah moment and passes another law.

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Judy Hintz from Educational Resources brings hope to kids with autism.  A bunch of parents tell of their experiences.   Then an activist against domestic violence misses the point.  Plus more on home-schooling. Andrea Farrier

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David Dow writes "The Autobiography of an Execution" ...vigorous.    Zogby says union leadership is out of sink (sync) with the membership on the immigration issue.  James Edwards from Numbers USA explains.   Then, another case of "zero tolerance" being silly...

Direct download: mickelson-2010-02-05.mp3
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 Sonya Heitshusen,  TV 13 reporter takes a look at travel costs of Des Moines politicians.    Christopher Rants gives up the score..  Republican cost saving proposals..  14...   Democrats' approval?  Zero.   Gayle Haggard explains why she stayed with Ted after the scandal hit the fan. 

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Ruth Lycke and  David Mair from China Connection talk about medical breakthroughs in China.    Then,  Catholics get ripped off again by predators within. And are ripping off the rest of us too.  

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The homage to Iowa's chief union boss deconstructed.   Then,  Iowa's Privileged Class,  gets $1.47 to every $1.00 the rest of us get.   WHAZZUPWITHTHAT?

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Is the new senator from Massachusetts really the "savior of the Republican Party"?    More census malarkey.   Then, are pro-lifers hypocrites for not supporting the guy who murdered the abortionist?

Direct download: mickelson-2010-02-01.mp3
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David Funk talks about airline security and politics.   Christopher Rants rates the Iowa budget woes.   Steve Luebke from Toyota explains the recent recall issues.   Then open-line conversation about the census. 

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Post SOTU address feedback and answering listener emails.   Vigorous.

Direct download: mickelson-2010-01-28.mp3
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Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media gives us the rest of the story on the Uganda gays and aids hustle.  Then,  Dan Kish thinks wind energy is so much hype.   Lotsa talk

Direct download: mickelson-2010-01-27.mp3
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Nate Wilson has written a trilogy of children's books...the 100 Cupboards series...also finished a documentary for the National Geographic Channel on  "Reproducing the Shroud"...of Turin.   then,   Bob Vander Platts is running for governor.   Then, An ethanol mandate for Iowa?

Direct download: mickelson-2010-01-26.mp3
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Rob DeStefano with Muscle owner's manual... good stuff.   Iowa bashed again by more weather...  Congressman Steve King...issues...

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Iowa has a John Wayne birthplace museum in Winterset....Brian Downs is the director.    Matt Strawn chair Iowa Republican Party Chair  invites folks to the weekend Caucuses... plus a fake Catholic group punks the faith community with a gay marriage fatwa.

Direct download: mickelson-2010-01-22.mp3
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Dissecting propaganda for fun and profit...the Ken Ham dissects "Creation" the movie about the life of Darwin.  Gregg Easterbrook serves up a "Sonic Boom"...  then,  connecting the dots...the homeless...native 'mericans...and  Haitians.  Full day.

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Lotsa Ice Day conversation...then, Harley's Five Factor Diet" a shaman opens the new Iowa legislative session... sigh

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Another visit with the MUGS boys.    I was asked to speak with Men Under Grace.   This time,  the role of the Christian and Politics,     "The Christian Prince".   Fantastic book

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Jim Halihan and team ( Dr Greg Peterson and Tracey Kepley) ,   want our kids to get fit too.    Then,  Iowans wonder about what to do about Haiti.

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Steve Forbes describes "How Capitalism Will Save Us"...then home-schoolers respond to the headline, "Should Iowa pay millions for home schools?"

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"The 'I' Diet" Susan Roberts with some ideas... Jonathan Narcisse wants to be Iowa governor....ideas...   Week in review...then,  Suzie.

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Wanna find out how many ways humans get scammed?  Then "Priceless" William Poundstone is a great place to start.    Then,  "Have a New Husband by Friday"  Dr. Kevin Leman has a delivery service.  Plus,  sorting out the hell in Haiti....Pat Robertson lobs a grenade.

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Danny Carroll  lobbies for marriage for the IFPC and calls people to action.  Eloquent.   Larry Winget says "Your Kids Are Your Own (Dang) Fault"...  then Brad and Ted Klontz it's to "Mind Over Money" a sample of Godly Intolerance...(transmitter blew up during the last few minutes of program...sorry)


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I was invited to speak recently at the Grace Church men's group,  MUGS..Men Under Grace...   The topic,  "Godly Intolerance"...  Here's the rest of the speech.

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Jeff Traviss from Traviss Audio-Video with post-Christmas techie talk.  State of State Address...then,  a little Amish envy.

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Congressman Steve King...reacts to da nuss....issues.   Christopher Reed wants to be congressman too.    Then,  AIDs in Iowa is on the increase.  Guess why?  You're  wrong.

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What about those full body scanners at the airport.  Necessary?   Dave Funk, congressional candidate and former airline pilot and security expert,  with the rest of the story.    Then,  Iowa's continuing homeless saga continues.  David Burrier from Hope Ministries with the rest of the story.'s the what happened to Detroit story.

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Ed Thomas expert talks to us about the kids.  Then,  Iowa teachers think about stuff.  Plus,  full body scans at the airport?  Iowans ready for that?

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Post-game glowing,  GPS questions, winter mechanical issues and carping about the 2010 Census scam.

Direct download: mickelson-2010-01-06.mp3
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Stephanie Nelson is the founder of if you go at it with some thought,  you can save half on your grocery bills... shows you how.   More havoc from the tundra...under attack by snow-throwin' trucks...  and "It All Changed in an Instant"...more six-word memoirs...Rachael Fershleiser

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Scott Taylor with a health-line...first of the year low carb pep talk. Then,  cold talk...thinking about the history of cold.

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