A Mickelson in the Morning Christmas

 A Treat for Mickelson in the Morning  listeners.    His Christmas Special.    (For those with broad band connections....sorry dial-uppers....)

Xmas One

Xmas Two

Xmas Three

Xmas Four

Merry Christmas folks.   Thanks for a great year. 

PS   Do Not Open Until Christmas   

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Friday December 22 2006


Christmas odds and ends...The Queen of Iowa  and the story of the song....Santa must be a girl.. then real examples of Iowa guardian angels.   Iowans tell great stories don't they?

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Thursday December 21 2006

"Solzhenitsyn Reader"   Edward Ericson  records the best and brightest Soviet Refusnik...then,  Laurence Gonzalez  explains when in crisis,  Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why...  Deep Survival.   Would Jesus Shop at Walmart?  Chris Kofinis from  Wake Up Walmart.

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Wednesday December 20 2006

Jerome Corsi talks about the "Showdown with Nuclear Iran"... oil, immigration and the real economy.  Whew!    Then,  Iowan's respond to Governor Vilsack's ire against the Swift bust.

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Tuesday December 19 2006

Jeff Traviss is my tech talk guru.  A pre-Christmas dose of techie wisdom about high definition TVs.  Then,  trying to make sense of a couple city council moves.  At the very moment they outlaw smoking in parking garages,  they give permission to 16 year olds  to go to smoke-filled bars....  

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Monday December 18 2006


The Blank Park Zoo wants to expand...into Fort Des Moines.  Zoo director Terry Rich with the story.   Then,  a bunch of openline.

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Friday December 15 2006


"Word Sweep"  Iowans play the game with its inventor, Clay Siegert.   Then,  more reaction to the Swift illegal immigrant bust.  Con Steve King with more feedback.

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Thursday December 14 2006


Jason Mrochek from We Hire Aliens  talks about the Iowa Swift bust.   Then California congressman Duncan Hunter is in Iowa beginning his presidential run.   (He wants to go pheasant hunting this weekend  December 16th with some returning Iowa Iraq war vets...703-909-0148)

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Wednesday December 13 2006


Hundreds of Swift employees get busted for breaking and entering the country illegally.  What does it mean?  Iowans respond.  Big time.

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Tuesday December 12 2006

Top 5 reasons not to give a pet for Christmas.  Diane Pomerance is a pet companion expert.   Then,  did you know that the President's Oval Office desk was once part of a ghost ship named  "Resolute"  ?

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Monday December 11 2006

Maybe,  James Kim took the wrong route  which ended in his death because he downloaded a map from the wrong source.  Lotsa listeners  give their bad directions stories.

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Friday December 8 2006 James Hirsch  revisits the genetics of Type 1 diabetes.  "Cheating Destiny".... we only agree on the important stuff.  Diabetes is bad,  and we should find a cure.   We argue about everything else.  Very worthwhile.   How can an old crank telephone enhance the educational experience?    Then, the nearly Psychic Suzy. 
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Thursday December 7 2006

Surviving in the wilderness...or not...starting tire fires?   Then,  how about a chart showing the "progress" of  Iowa education.    Powerful.

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 Wednesday  December 6 2006

Worldview stuffAlison Thomas  is a circuit ridin' apologist.   She talks faith issues to college-bound high school students.  Then,  "Leap Days"   Katherine Lanpher  chronicles her midlife move.    Then,   the pro-life lobby gets cheeky with Planned Parenthood.  Rachel Cunningham from the IFPC.

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Tuesday December 5 2006

 Editor's note:  If you have been directed to this podcast,  the first hour contains conclusions about cost-shifting based upon false assumptions regarding the genetics of Type One diabtes.  Before you waste any hard-earned outrage, the issue is corrected in the Friday, December 8th program.   

Pondering the genetics of Type One diabetes...after an expert guest says there is a direct  relationship between genetics and Type One.   Uncomfortable questions and great discussion. 

(As a follow-up to this segment,  diabetes expert James Hirsch  accepted another appearance Friday December 8th at 9 am to answer questions regarding the genetics of diabetes)  A very worthwhile segment.

 Then, Blood and Oil  with the award-winning producers of a new documentary which highlights the history of the Middle East in World War I.   Plus,  wardrobe mishaps...

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Monday December 4 2006

Should city and county employees be required to live in the city or county?  Then,  Governor Vilsack tosses one last political hand grenade before he leaves office.    Driver's licenses for illegals?  Then,  James Hirsch talks about  "Cheating Destiny  living with diabetes, America's Biggest Epidemic"


Then,  a chart of Iowa's education "progress".   Whew!

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Friday December 1 2006


So how long will a cat stay up in a tree anyhow?   Con Steve King  is back from Iraq with some observations on the war.   Governor Vilsack  has officially entered  the Democratic Presidential race.   How will Iowans review their former Governor? 

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Thursday November 30  2006


The Music of Hope...western civilization depends upon it.  You'll have to "listen" to understand it.   Some higher sample rate examples of music I used in the program,  Hungarian Rhapsody  Baby Einstein.   Parce mihi dominie  Jan Garbarek  Officium.  The Dream   Michael Johnathon ,  Kiss the Book  (unknown)  Turandot Nessun Dorma  Pavarotti  O Holy Night  David Phelps  Then,  "Unprotected"   a campus psychiatrist reveals how political correctness in her profession endanger every student.  Dr. Miriam Grossman....formerly Anonymous.   Then,  the Iowa education establishment is now  wholly-owned subsidiary of the gay lobby.   Now what? 

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Wednesday November 29 2006 "Knock 'em Dead"   the latest get a job manual.  Martin Yates.   National Meth Day.   Attorney General Roberto Gonzales  with some ideas to control meth....Iowans respond.  Vigorously.
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Tuesday November 28 2006


"The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature"   Elizabeth Kantor... then if you are a smoker,  you are child abuser.  Really.

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Monday November 27 2006


The Medicom/Sinclair Broadcasting fee wars.  Barry Faber represents Sinclair, Steve Purcell represents Medicom.   Whazzup?   If things do not work out,  no more Fox on Medicom.   Iowa talks TV tech.

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Steve Winzenberg sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  Plays lotas games...on purpose... (he cheats by the way)  :)   Don't let him be the banker in Monopoly...

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Evan Stuart sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  Lotsa friendly talk.

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Bill Salier sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  He talks with his military buddies.  Inspirational.

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Ross Peterson sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.   New tech toys.

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Ross Peterson sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.   Ethanol Redux

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Friday November 17 2006 Comedian Ed Voss  is raising money for Toys for Tots at Point of Grace Church...let's help him.    Dick Woods from Fathers for Equal Rights, 515-277-8789,  provides help for parents with custody issues.
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Thursday November 16 2006


Ames is hosting an upcoming School of Rock... sounds like fun to me.  Al Biela  is looking for a few good musicians.  515-232-6546   Then ISU  Professor Warren Blumenfeld  says we should remove "Christian Privilege and the Promotion of 'Secular' and Not-So 'Secular' Mainline Christianity in Public Schooling and the Larger Society".   Whew!     "Religion of Peace?  Islam's War Against the World"  Gregory M. Davis thinks Islamic democracy is a self-refuting notion.  The Dutch are taking down traffic lights...and are creating a safer driving environment in the process.   Then,  Overblown.   Politicians are scaring us for power and money.

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Wednesday November 15 2006

Lamar Waldron thinks we finally have the whole picture of the events surrounding the Kennedy assassinations.   "Ultimate Sacrifice"    Then,  Iowa education test scores have slid fast and far.  Iowa is no longer a leader. And has forgotten  how to teach reading.   Now what?   Mike Crawford  Child and Family Policy Center   with ideas.  Former  HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson  with a wellness update.   Then,   the INS is hustling us again.

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Tuesday November 14 2006


The Energy Doctor  makes a house call to save us bucks.   Then,  Rep Wayne Ford  talks about  racial hiring disparity in Iowa.  Huge reaction.

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Monday November 13 2006

Greg Willey and Cory Krug from Crime Stoppers  want your help to nip it in the bud.  515-223-1400   Then,  Rosie says terrorists are moms and dads too,  so don't fear them.   "On the Brink"   Tyler Drumheller  former CIA agent talks about intelligence failures.    Then an epidemic of "magical thinking".

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Friday November 10 2006


Lt. General Robert Gard  calls on Iowans with Sensible Priorities...calls for a step down in Iraq.     Dick Woods from Fathers for Equal Rights. 515-277-8789  Worries that the new transition team for the Culver governorship headed by Bonnie Campbell will be hostile to the equal joint custody requirements of Iowa law.  Medal of Honor  recipient Jack Jacobs  inspires us.    Mandatory national service?  Great discussion, followed by Psychic Suzy.

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Thursday November 9 2006


Senator Byron Dorgan reporting on contract abuses in Iraq.  An Iowan listening in Baghdad  responds.   A deer in the headlights?  How about one that visits a Target store?  Then,  "A Well-Regulated Militia"  Saul Cornell.   Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America,  workin' the opposite side of the sight.   And locally,  Iowa Carry.

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Wednesday November 8 2006


Post election second, and third guessing of everything.   Great conversation.

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Tuesday November 7 2006


RNC,  Ken Melman with last political licks.   DNC  Suzy Turnbull with hers.   Then,  it's open season for last minute politicking.

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Monday November 6 2006

Waukee,  Iowa marine, Lance Corporal Ken Nickerson talks about his Iraq experience.   Inspirational.  Wayne Kopping with "Obsession"  Radical Islam's War Against the West.   Terrifiying.    Then,  Mickelson's answer to non-voters.  Thoughtful.  Make sure this gets to anyone planning to sit this one out.

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Friday November 3 2006


More on English, citizenship and voting.   Then,  more manure management in the non-political sense.  Lotsa pre-election tension.

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Thursday November 2 2006


Do we really have to turn the other cheek to these Phelps creeps?  The theology of dealing with slime-balls.   Then Dan Bartlett  briefly talks national politics.   Congressman Steve King  says Iowa Democrats are violating the Official English Law by advertising non-English  voting procedures.   CAPO redux.   Aaron Putze...Andy Muff, Carole Balvanz, and Bill Couser and others update the local control issue from the "other" side.

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Wednesday November 1 2006


"The Best I Can Do"   Marvin Pomerantz  with an autobiography.   Then,  CAFO's   (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations)  really annoy some people.  Chris Peterson,  President of the Iowa Farmer's Union and Chris Murphy from the Iowa Network for local Control  near Okoboji are amongst them.

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Tuesday October 31 2006


Silliness at the expense of rednecks.  "Redneck Words of Wisdom"   Jaimie Muehlhausen.     Mike Ratliff says college history students  don't know no better... and he has the study to prove it.    Then,  one of the most moving segments ever.   "The Secret Letter from Iraq"   the wisdom of an unknown American soldier writing home from Iraq.   Powerful calls...I'll never forget.

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Monday October 30 2006


Jeff Lamberti  wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's  job.  Issues.  Patrick J. Buchanan declares an "State of Emergency"  on borders and culture war.    Dr. Mary Davenport with "The Unconscionable Claims of Michael J Fox",   along with stem cell researcher David Prentice  says,  "Do no Harm".  

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Friday October 27 2006

Lana Rosenfeld from Tender Loving Care Products,   cosmetic reconstruction for breast cancer survivors.   Gary Moore writes about his baseball player dad during World World II   "Playing With the Enemy"   a great inspiration story of family and baseball.

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Thursday October 26

"The African Children's Choir"   visiting Iowa Sunday.   Wonderful music.  Matthew Spivey and Pastor Dan Berry  from Cornerstone Family Church.   White House Press Secretary Tony Snow  highlights the President's Iowa visit.  Then, William Simpson with the inside story of "The Prince"...  insights into our involvement in the middle east.

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Wednesday October 25 2006


Feedback on Radio Day at the Whitehouse.    The most inspirational moment on the trip was the return trip.  Find out why and the dynamic conversation which follows.

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Tuesday October 24 2006

Mickelson broadcasts from the Whitehouse at another Radio Day.   Issues and comments from several administration insiders.  Chertoff, McNulty, Leavitt, and Dan Bartlett. 

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Monday October 23 2006

Iowa conservative activist Bill Salier sits in for Jan as Mickelson is traveling to Washington for Radio Day at the Whitehouse.   Spirited and fun conversation with one of Iowa's favorite sons.


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Friday October 2006

Lotsa Friday openline.   Has gambling over-whelmed Iowa's political process.   More gambling money pouring into campaign coffers.   Then,  are we getting ripped-off by the special ed industry? 

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Thursday October 19 2006 Democratic activist Ed Fallon is still worried about the eminent domain issue,  this time,  in Burlington, Iowa.   Mark Steyn  demographics are going to be the deciding factor in upcoming world conflicts.  "America Alone".    Wartburg College,  a Lutheran college has just finished a week's worth of  "Coming Out"  events.  What does that mean?
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Wednesday October 18 2006  Gary Toyn  previews Clint Eastwood's  "Flags of Our Fathers" and his book,  "Quiet Heroes".   He stimulates a bunch of great conversation about Iowa's historic wartime commitment.   Then,  Iowa has a new state song.    Then,  my dad's  Iowa State Liquor Permit.
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Tuesday October 17 2006


Michelle Hoy  is so Proud of her brother's military service that she was inspired to write and sing a gorgeous song.    Then,   Iowa continues to inspire us to music.   Tom Coates, gambling critic and Stacey Cargill from One Voice Iowa worry that a Culver administration will bring back touch play machines to Iowa.

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Monday Oct 16 2006


Dr. David Gratzer  is a licensed in both Canada and US...he say the Canadian system is rotten to the core and we are on a fast slide to Canadize ourselves.  "The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care".       David Bossie is in Iowa with  "Border Wars"   at  Ankeny's Springwood 9  at 7pm

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Friday October 13 2006


Congressman Steve King  talks about immigration, Foleygate, and NCLBDavid Bossie declares a "Border War".   Psychic Suzy swoops down.

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Thursday October 12 2006

Dr. John Patrick  is a mental and spiritual vitamin.  A superb medical ethicist.  How to talk about abortion without causing a riot.  

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Wednesday October 11 2006


The Davenport,  Iowa diocese declares bankruptcy  to protect itself from lawsuits by those damaged by pedophile priests.   What does that mean?   Then,  Robert Spencer  looks inside of Islam.   "The Truth about Muhammad".   Then,  SNAP.   Victims  of pervert priests respond.

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Tuesday October 10 2006



"Dissent in America"...  our history as highly effective whiners.  Ralph Young.   Then,   Iowa 4th District congressional candidate  Seldon Spencer  talks issues.

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Monday October 9 2006


"Head Games"  footballs' concussion crisis.  Former Harvard football player and WWE wrestler, Chris "Harvard" Nowinski,  The Ivy League Snob  warns us about the sports perils of head injury.   Then,  a recovering stroke victim with one of the most inspirational Iowa medical success stories ever.   "Out of the Darkness & into the Light"   hope for stroke victims.  641-485-9667  Ruth Lycke

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Friday October 6 2006 Lots openline on a bunch o stuff... including,  whatzup in Marshalltown and illegal immigration stressing the local law enforcement.   What to do?  
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Thursday October 5 2006 Lauren Sandler  writes Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement  "Righteous"    Then,  "Sex Priests and Secret Codes"  Richard Sipes  with insights into Foleygate.   Then,  Chet Culver says he's against gay marriage,  "...at this time". 
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Wednesday October 4 2006


Activist Ben Cohen  is in Iowa trying to shake some sense into Iowan's Sensibilities.   He spills his BB's.   Then,  Richard Viguerie confronts "Conservatives Betrayed"  saying lotsa Republicans should be fired.  Iowan's respond to Foleygate.

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Tuesday October 3 2006

The Amification of Iowa schools.   More school killings.  More response from Iowans about what we should do.   Then,  "Beyond Shyness:  How To Conquer Social Anxieties"      Jonathan Berent

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Monday October 2 2006


Why are we importing "refugees" from countries hostile to US and who hold  religious views which reject Western values? And paying for their bills?   A review of a great book with insight on this..."While Europe Slept:  How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within"   Bruce Bawer's  insights are astounding.  

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Friday September 29 2006


Dan Isett  from the Parent's TV Council says stuff like Nip/Tuck on FX is a good reason to require the cable industry to offer ala carte programming.   Then,  if Charlotte Church can turn skanky,  then how do we protect our little girls?   More about school killings.  Powerful conversation.

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Thursday September 28 2006


"Border War"  a new documentary on the invasion of illegals.  David Bossie explains.   Then,  another school invasion.   The adults are still unarmed.  Plus, Joe Volk  is a circuit-ridin' pacifist who wants US out of Iraq.  He's on a mission.

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Wednesday September 27 2006

"Building Red America"  award winning political reporter Thomas Edsall is shocked about how far left the Iowa Democratic Party is.   Then,  Gary Rosberg is planning a marriage weekend for married returning veterans.  Honor and Strengthen Military Marriages515-334-7482 to help sponsor the weekend for a vet couple,  or to help somebody sign up.  Then schools produce a paperwork nightmare just to keep track of the habitually tardy.

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Tuesday September 26 2006

"Baby Owner's Games and Activities Book"  a tongue and cheek about training your new "unit".   Then,  if you don't want a homeless shelter in your back yard,  are you a bigot?   Do homeless people have the "right to live where they want"?   "Love My Rifle More Than You"    Kayla Williams,  young and female in the US Army.

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Monday September 25 2006


Another drunk driver  mush's another cyclist.   Then,  Senator Joe Biden  talks about Iowa presidential politics and national issues.  Compare platforms?  Democrats.  Republicans.   Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mary Lundby   joins the Democratic Majority leader to  advance the cause of the gay lobby. 

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Friday September 22 2006


An Iowa novelist, Joe Dennis,  writes a story surrounding the '93 Flood,  in "Cave of the Painter" ...  then Iowans are really steamed about unlicensed and drunk drivers mushing  their loved ones.   Very powerful stories.

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Thursday September 21 2006


People are concerned about the wrong stuff about the CIETC scandals.   It isn't about the mis-spent federal funds.  So what's the real concern about federal funding of faith-based services?  Listen.   Then,  "The Vice-Busting Diet"  with Julia Griggs Havey.    Then a Rood Awakening Michael John Rood  says Christianity is messed up cuz we have the wrong callendar.  A free DVD offer  866-328-1116.    His critics? 

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Wednesday September 20 2006


Richard Miniter  says we may have surrendered to our own prisoners at  GITMO...."A Deadly Kindness" Joel Rosenberg  focuses on the "Epicenter:  Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future"    and   Rex Platt   "Between Iraq and a Hard Place"   makes sure we take care of the post-Iraq needs of our returning service people.

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Tuesday September 19 2006

The West Des Moines School Board  met to listen to feedback on the Laramie Project  upcoming play.  What does this conflict really mean?  It means that they are running the NEA  and the Iowa Democratic Party playbooks. This might be one of Mickelson's best segments.  David Limbaugh says the Democratic Party is morally Bankrupt.  Former Majority Leader Dick Armey  for  Iowans for Discounted Taxes. 

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Monday September 18 2006


Virginia Governor Mark Warner  is in Iowa...an introduction and issues.   Senator Barrack Obama  visits too,   and says Democrats are their brother's keeper.  Listeners evaluate.

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Friday September 15 2006

 Congressman Steve King's  immigration security fence passes unanimously with the Iowa delegation.   What's next?   Secretary of State Chet Culver's website  also advertises for non-English voter registration.   General Georges Sada   "Saddam's Secrets"...  How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam HusseinDr. Terry Law and General Sada  will be joining forces for a joint appearance in Cedar Falls.  Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center at UNI September 22 @ 7pm.  319-273-SHOW for free tickets.   Then, on Saturday night and Sunday morning at Heartland Vineyard Church , 1405 Greenhill Road. 5pm Saturday,  9am  Sunday.  Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday September 14 2006

What Iowa is doing to get a grip on our meth problems.   Iowa Drug Czar Marvin Van Haafton  and Dr. Dennis Weiss, Powell Medical Center give great insight.  Dr Weiss is looking for Iowans needing help to participate in a treatment study research project.  888-584-6312   or 263-2479 locally.  The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center  866-242-4111   Mike Abrams from the Iowa Medical Society  and Rep Linda Upmeyer  argue against lowering Medicare re-imbursements for Iowa physicians.   A spirited encore conversation regarding non-English ballots and the English requirements for citizenship.  Democratic candidate for Secretary of State  Michael Mauro said the ability to read, write and speak English   isn't necessary for citizenship or to vote.  What's the fact? 

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Wednesday September 13 2006


 Jack Whitver  wants to represent Iowa from the 66th District.  A Republican running against Ako Abdukl-Sammad.   Secretary of State  Democratic candidate,  Mike Mauro  discusses Iowa election practices.   William Flax  says the Bush 9-11 speech was riddled with illogic.   Jennifer Magyar from the Kansas City Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services  gives customer assistance for people seeking help with drug program choices .800-633-4227  or 800-351-4664 SHP

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Tuesday September 12 2006


David Payer  wants to be the Iowa State Rep for the  61st District.   David Barton, circuit ridin' historian is coming to the Iowa Renewal Project.  800-992-5596 to RSVP.   Then,  will the tactics which ended Shinto suicide missions of WW2  end Islamic suicide murderers?

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Monday September 11 2006

9-11 sound and Iowan's remember.   Then, Mary Ann Hanusa is running for Secretary of State.  Issues.   Then,  Congressman Steve King  is on the Texas border...by his count illegals have cost way more American lives than did 9-11.   Plus,   why Osama bin Laden will never be captured..

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Friday September 8 2006


Noreen Gosch  with a horrific update regarding her kidnapped son,  JohnnyNew pictures.   Then,  a 15 year old girl gets caught in a sting at a pizza joint for taking a beer order.  $710 fine.  Mom's upset.  A great story.

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Thursday September 7 2006

Jim Hightower  is in Iowa arguing in behalf of Iowans for Sensible Priorities.     Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn  with insight into our energy and defense future.   Great discussion..

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Wednesday September 6 2006


The Laramie Project  is coming the Valley High School  drama department.  Why?   The gay lobby strikes again.   Then,  Mayor Frank Cownie  hosts an energy town hall for Iowa. 

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Tuesday September 5 2006


A high speed chase ends in multiple honesty....  then,   Phyliss Schlafly  is coming to Iowa  to help us get a run-amuck judiciary under control.   Chuck Hurley  wants to help. 

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Monday September 4 2006


Scott Pope sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  He talks Labor Day politics and the up-coming election cycle.

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Friday September 1 2006


 Congressman Tom Latham  is furious over the beating of a Washington State National Guardsman.   Debbie Schlussel  says guess who is funding Islamic terrorism?  Mormons?  Huh?   From the DOE, Director Kevin Kolevar talks about job numbers and energy prices.   Mike Whelan,  congressional candidate talks about immigration reform.   Ted Baehr  describes a made for tv movie which depicts the assassination of President Bush.

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Thursday  August 31 2006


The end times debate continues with a couple of heavy hitters,  Joel Rosenberg  and Gary DeMar.  A spirited discussion of end times prophecy.    Then,  war and peace.   Why do peace protestors picket the military and not terrorist affiliates?   And Christian Polygamy?  Oxymoron or things to come? 

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Wednesday August 30 2006


Congressman Steve King brings an immigration reform  public hearing to Iowa.   Open Borders activists run the Mexican flag up a US flag pool.   Then,  the NEA reveals its continuing hostility towards home schoolers.   An Iowa alternative? 

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Tuesday August 29 2006


Wow.  Brownie is now doin' a great job of nuking his former boss.  Why?    Then,  the government admits that the more than billion dollars spent on anti-drug messages was totally wasted.  Now what? 

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Monday August 28 2006


Katrina, a year later assessment.   What now?   More money of course.  OPM.    Pat Buchanan writes, "State of Emergency:  The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America".     Lookit this.   Then,  "A Force More Powerful"...the game of non-violent strategy.  Hardy Merriman

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Friday August 25 2006


Gene Phillips  is running as an Independent against incumbent Polk County Board of  Supervisor John Mauro Ben Stone, executive director of the ACLU of Iowa  defends the free expression rights of the KKK.  WHY?   David Horowitz  shines light upon the  "Shadow Party"...says George Soros has turned the Democratic Party into a cult.

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Thursday August 24 2006 Steve Slivinski  goes "Buck Wild"  and bashes those non-tax and spend Republicans.   Dana Fedman knows how to help you train your doggie.  Pupstart.   Then,  the best apology  I've ever heard.   So,  how do defend child molesters?   People actually try.   You won't believe it.
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Wednesday August 23 2006


What most folks are missing about the CIETC scandal.   Then,  Jonathan Wells has the "Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design"   Great conversation.

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Tuesday August 22 2006


"Debunking 9/11 Myths:  Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up To the Facts"  Brad Reagan from Popular Mechanics gives it the old reformed school try.    Then,  the "new normal"... extremely sexually active kids.   Why?   What to do about it?

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Monday August 21 2006

Jim Marrs talks about "The Terror Conspiracy"...Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty.   Then,  a bunch o stuff 'bout everything... including the color of Muhammad's arm pits. 

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Friday August 18 2006


Lotsa Iowa State Fair conversation,  then Clay Waters from Times Watch  just can't get over the way the NYT  covered Islamic Schools in NYC.   Jerome Corsi  talks about the North American Union,  plus  "Atomic Iran".    New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson  talks about terrorism.   Then,  Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist  talks about leadership and health care.

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Thursday August 17 2006


A popcorn pop-off with the Tiny Tiny Popcorn pusher from K&K Popcorn...  yummy...   Then, older beer drinkers are unhappy with getting carded at Wally World....  perhaps the fair has gone on too long... :)

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Wednesday August 16 2006


Jeff Traviss gives us tech talk about new audio and video gadgets....   then,  Larry Crow is trying to raise funds to re-build an historic Iowa church  (Marrs Hill Church)  which is a victim of vandalism.   Larry Crow, Box  26, Eldon, Iowa  52554 if you wanna. 

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Tuesday August 15 2006 Congressman Steve King  talks about terrorism  and the war.  Then,  Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Chet Culver,  suggests using IPERS money  for start-up money for Iowa businesses.   Good idea?
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Monday August 14 2006

Wanna hear something scary?   "The War for Righteousness"  with Richard Gamble will terrify you.  Wow!  What a great book.   Then,  lotsa open-line conversation...everything from,  "...should DNR officers be armed or be allowed to bust illegals,   to  "...they lost our WHAT?!"

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Friday August 11 2006  

Live from the Iowa State Fair..  first the Energy Doctor  takes our temperature.    Then, the personal formerly known as the former Psychic Suzy.   Congressman Tom Latham  has issues....:)    Then,  Denise O'Brien  wants to be Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture.

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Thursday August 10 2006

The Iowa Concrete Association guru John Hanson talks about the energy saving technology demonstrated at the Fair.    Oliver Stone's World Trade Center  movie.  Melissa Caldwell from Parents Television Council  reviews the movie.  High Marks.   Chris Paine,  movie producer of "Who Killed the Electric Car?"   Great conversation.

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Wednesday August 9 2006

Should the city council seat of Archie Brooks be filled by voters,  by appointment,  or left vacant.  A brief survey says the seat should remain vacant.   Douglas Murray writes,  "Neo-Conservatism:  Why We Need It".   Then,  Chris Anderson from Wired Magazine with "The Long Tail: why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More."

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Tuesday August 8 2006 Robert Allison tells the fascinating history of the first clash the newly independent America had with the Barbary pirates"The Crescent Obscured:  The US and the Moslem World 1760-1815".    It sounds just like today.    Chuck Hurley  and Tamara Scott  have some questions for Iowa judges up for re-election.  Really great ones, too.   Then,  Kevin McGloughlin  talks about Iowa's new discounted tax  law.
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