Friday June 30 2006


"Devil's Teeth"  the true story of obsession and survival among America's Great White Sharks...Susan Casey, a great story teller.   And with a contest for a trip for our own Shark Adventure!    Then,  water bullet ballistics.   Frosty Wooldridge is a 21st Century Paul Revere  calling us to alarm over an invasion of illegals...a July 1st rally at the Iowa Capital. 

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Thursday June 29 2006 The first American accused of murdering "civilians" in Iraq.  "Warlord"   Ilario Pantano.   What a story!   Very inspirational.   Clive starts a stop-light fund-raiser.  Clive City Manager Henderson defends the new cameras.   Lance Armstrong is coming to Iowa to ride in Ragbrai.  "Lance Armstrong's War"  Daniel Coyle.   Then,  did Rush get the shaft? 
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Wednesday June 28 2006

The Flag Protection Amendment  failed by one vote.  What does this mean?  Then,  can a white guy be a victim of a "hate" crime?   What important fact was left out  of this story? 

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Tuesday June 27 2006 Congressman Steve King  explains his Voting Rights Act  renewal opposition, plus he gets an autographed picture of Helen Thomas.   Then,  Polk County Medical Examiner, Gregory Schmunk tells us some great inside stories about his profession...our very own CSI consultant.
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Monday July 26 2006

Energy savings with a new technology.   Energy GuardWayne Essink  is the Energy Doctor...a contest drawing.  515-963-9681    Then,  Iowa taxpayers are footing the medical bills of a prisoner for more than $250,000.   Why?   The question reduces one hostile caller to song.

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Friday June 23 2006


Talkin' about everything.    Wide open.    Bay Buchanan  in Iowa to talk about immigration reform from "Team America"...  and who doesn't want to increase the minimum wage? 

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Thursday June 22 2006


From the Profit Zone,  Don DeWaay  talks about how to preserve money during economic downtimes.   800-722-9861   Joyce Schulte  is appalled at a Congressman Steve King  political joke...  and a hooligan beats up a cyclist, Dave Lippold,  for slowing him down.   And canceling an AOL account,   how hard can that be anyhow? 

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Wednesday June 21 2006


This may be the best complete program we've ever done on the state of Iowa's education system.  We deal with just about every cliche and excuse offered up by the education establishment for under-achieving.  From KIPP Academy  in Chicago, Jim O'Conner takes failing inner city minority kids and gets them ready for college.   How do they do it?  Listen.    The National Council on Teacher Quality  measures how well Iowa colleges teach teachers to teach.  Short answer.  They flunk.   Judy Hintz  from Education Resources picks up the pieces when kids don't learn to read.  How?   Everyone with concerns for children's education should hear this segment.

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Tuesday June 20 2006 An Iowan who is an expert in Brazilian history.  Who knew?   James Hufferd  with a two-volume set.  888-280-7715    Then, Jeremy Lott   "In Defense of Hypocrisy"  Picking Sides in the War On Virtue.   I violate my own Hip-o-critic  Oath...darn it.    Then,  killed and  mutilated in to respond?
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Monday June 19 2006 So what did Grover Cleveland have to say about Iowa being turned down for disaster relief?   Then,  Senator Burton Brimely with  SF 3798  Progressive Ammo Act of 2006.   Most other professions get tested,  why not Iowa teachers?
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Friday June 16 2006  Rep Jeff Kaufman,  with a  last-ditch call to action on the eminent domain veto over-ride.  (a technical issue abbreviates or sound file,  sorry)  a talk-show over-ride.  :)
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Thursday June 15 2006

Should the Iowa legislature reconvene to over-ride the Vilsack veto of the bi-partisan eminent domain bill?  Scott Bullock who argued Kelo  before the Supreme Court,  and Iowa Senator Bob Brunkhorst  who sponsored the bill agree.    Phyllis Schlafly  exposes "The Supremacists"   judicial tyranny.   Then,  we almost debate atheist Michael Newdow.   Then,  stop-sign politics and the culture war. 

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Wednesday June 14 2006

Another attack by the anti-smoking nazis...gawd bless 'em.     NRA guru Wayne Lapierre  says there is a "Global War On Your Guns"    And former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel wants to be president.  And he wants all of us to have a direct vote  on laws.

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Tuesday June 13 2006

Senator Paul McKinley  reacts to the Vilsack veto of the pay for teacher performance package passed by the legislature.   Much spirited discussion.  Plus an encore visit by a talented kindergarten teacher  who is a phonics super star Dropping test scoresEducation Spending.  Pay comparisons.  Teacher pay and class sizes.     Listener Reaction.

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Monday June 12 2006

An update on everything,  including pictures of "expended condums" on the MTA.   Michelle Goldberg issues a warning of the "Kingdom  Coming"  The Rise of Christian Nationalism.   ...and other mythical beasts.

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Friday June 9 2006

Rusty Johnson from Elevate2Inpire  is coming to Iowa to do a concert for the "Desire to Inspire Conference"  in Indianola Saturday June 10th.  515-288-1981  ext 303  for details.   Chris Klicka  from HSLDA  The 2006 NICHE Conference.      "The History of Honor" and what the death of Zarqawi means...Jim Bowman.

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Thursday June 8 2006

Immigration attorney Jim Benzoni  represents a recent East High School grad who illegally emigrated from Honduras and now faces deportation.   Estephanie Izaquirre talks to Iowans about her story.  Powerful.   Then, Eric Buehrer says school teachers and administrators need to know the law before they can educate students about our country's religious history.  Jim Hawkins  from  Professional Educators in Iowa  is brining Eric to Iowa to help educators understand the law about freedom of religion in the public square.  Wednesday June 14th First Assembly of God  2725 Merle Hay Rd,  Des Moines.

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Mickelson For Deace June 6 2006


Jan sits in for Steve Deace and does a commentary...brilliant of course.

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Wednesday June 7 2006


More feedback on the CIETC scandal,  Indians (from India)  think white people  are morons, and the Des Moines School  Board is racist  if it doesn't use race as a hiring criteria.    Ken Yancey from SCORE  wants to help Iowa start-up businesses. 800-634-0245  Then,  why would real teachers fear performance based pay? 

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Tuesday June 6 2006

Local political activist, Pete Rose  is incensed about council members who had to resign in disgrace from CIETC are still taking up space on City Council.    Gary DeMar  says if your kid has "666" somewhere on his scalp, it's just a birthmark.    Eastern Iowa congressional candidate Brian Kennedy,  then gay marriage?

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Monday June 5 2006

Mike Riddle has solved the creation-evolution debate.  (Speaking at the Pella Community Center Monday June 5-6 at 7 pm) info-line  641-780-4839    "Big Sky Cooking"  with Meredith Brokaw and Ellen Wright...great western recipes.  (a sample)    Sal Mohamed  wants to be Iowa's governor.  Bill Dix wants to be congressman from Iowa's 1st District.

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Friday June 2 2006

"American Courage"  great first person stories of heroism.  Herbert Warden.    Gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon  questions the Iowa Values Fund and worries about a Vilsack veto of  the recent imminent domain legislation.  Then a recent Iowa High School grad  who is also an illegal immigrant  gets deportation papers.  Good idea? 

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Thursday June 1 2006

The educrat says it's time to extend high school to 5 years for slower students.  Good idea?  Are women school administrators part of the problem?   Then,   Larry Schweikart says the anti-war movement has actually made the military more efficient and more lethal.  "America's Victories"  Why the U.S. Wins Wars and Will Win the War on Terror"

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