Casey Anderson takes on on "Expedition Grizzly"...bear stories... then, swine flu related stories.  Robert Murphy says most of what we were taught about the Great Depression was bull-hockey. "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal".


We found the source of the Swine Flu!


AND the new version of  the American Gothic

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Kid fixer,  Judy Hintz  with more stories of inspiration.   Always an attitude enhancer.   Steven Raichlen inspires with "The Barbecue Bible"....he has a BBQ contest goin'...lookin' for Iowa specialties.  Then,   what did educators know in 1889 that we have forgotten?


Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-29.mp3
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Andrew Snow describes the new passenger rail service coming to Iowa.    Con Ron Paul  takes after swine flu and the Fed.   Et Tu Chuck?    Then,  Emergency...Neil Strauss  is prepared.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-28.mp3
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Ed Thomas  is a fitness expert... fun to talk to and by which to be inspired.   Should the Knoxville Vets Hospital remain open?  Don Zuttee  from the Iowa Veterans Task Force,  makes the case.   Then,  how did the gay lobby win in Iowa?   Propaganda works.  Here's how.   And a great local video on "The Impact of Homosexuality on a Family".... Powerful. 

Editor's note:   Columnist Mark Hansen did a great commentary on the gay lobby win segment.   It has drawn a bunch of comments.  Some of you may wish to play  :)    Have at it.  

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-27.mp3
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 Congressman Steve King  talks about the judge's war against Iowa.   Rear Admiral Michael Franken comes home to Iowa for Navy Week.   Then total silliness with Suzy.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-24.mp3
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Professor Herb Titus  with a review of the law, the Constitution, the courts and same gender marriage.   Betsy Taylor  gives the Obama administration an environmental review.    Peter Labarbera  takes on Perez Hilton's  hate crimes against Miss California.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-23.mp3
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Can waste go green?  Tony Colosimo wants to get Artistic about it.  Bob Vander Platts continues to push Gov Culver on the same gender issue.  Senator Merlin Bartz gets up a petition drive.  Then Iowans talk about courts and power.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-22.mp3
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Iowa is again trying to rewrite its sex offender laws...and asking all the wrong questions...again.  Plus,  Iowa Senator Merlin Bartz wants Iowans to petition county recorders about marriage licenses for same gender applicants.  Here 'tis.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-21.mp3
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Ever wonder what happened in Massachusetts when it's courts said ok to gay marriage?  Brian Camenker  from Mass Resistance has been keeping track.   Unintended humor in news coverage of prison numbers.  Then,  Dr Allan Hamilton (a horse whisperer) tells about "The Scalpel and the Soul"...great story teller.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-20.mp3
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There is no way to describe this...   but here's the Massachusett's gay rights effect document. Lotsa spirited open-line Friday.    You'll never be able to look at a T-bagger again without a smirk.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-17.mp3
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Former NY Governor George Pataki describes why "Washington failed and How to Reclaim America's Future".   Jan Lobeck on her daughter's murder, "Not in Vain"    Then,  the fella tells state nannies to take their smoking ban and stick it.   Heroic?

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-16.mp3
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Two guys on the same page on most family issues are at opposite polls on the gay marriage issue.  Glenn Sacks  and Peter Labarbera debate.   "All My Patients Have Tales"...Jeff conversation.   Gary Barnett says they are recruiting for the next round of the "Truth Project"...wanna sign up?  And a great video on the "Day of Silence" gay rights public school scam.   Wanna look at a great tax day video?

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-15.mp3
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Professor Herb Titus analyzes the Iowa Supreme Court same-gender marriage decision.   This is the best short course on law ever.   Then, Jonathan Narcisse, Des Moines school board member, says they are about to fire the wrong people.  Another terrible bike crash...Maria Ruhtenberg,  a rider and witness to the crime.  Plus bike activist Kim West asserts biker's rights.   Listener reaction.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-14.mp3
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 Beth Nimmo is the mom of Rachael Scott, slain martyr at Columbine...coming to Iowa April 18th to First Federated Church.   USA 3,  Somali Pirates 1.  We win.    Then John Lofton explains the Iowa Supreme Court atrocity.   Then,  Ed Failor  calls taxpayers to arms again.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-13.mp3
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"Flotsametrics and the Floating World"  Curtis Ebbesmeyer  washes up on our shore.  Then Congressman Steve King unleashes on the Iowa Supreme Court and the people who brought 'em here.

Direct download: Friday_April_10_2009.mp3
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James Carroll  writes "Practicing Catholic"...says the church has to modernize or die.    Jay Greene says don't write off vouchers, especially since they are workin'.   Here's the Tea Party anthem.   Then,  Iowa House Speaker Murphy says those who want a vote for a Constitutional amendment protecting marriage are the same as slave holders.   Really.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-09.mp3
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Walid Shoebat  on "God's War on Terror"  and is Obama a modern Neville Chamberlain?   What did the Obama bow to the Saudi King mean?  Then, Fr. Frank Bognanno  from Christ the King Church  delivers a homily on gay marriage... and now Gov Culver shows his true colors.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-08.mp3
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Iowa talks about Senator Gronstal blocking debate    (nuther view)  on a Constitutional amendment to deal with same gender marriage in Iowa.  Then,  how did court decisions become law?  The history.  The remedy for gay sex?       (right click on this link to download)

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-07.mp3
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Iowa Protection and Advocacy Services  with a look at the Atalissa/Henry Turkey Service abuse of some retarded workers.  Sylvia Piper and Jeremy Karli report.     Then Steve Bierfeldt,   Ron Paul supporter,  is detained by TSA officers at the St. Louis Airport.  It gets interesting after that.    He says he developed his view by watching a lecture,  "Never Talk to the Cops".    Worth a peek.   Then,  was the crowd tossed from the Iowa House gallery too ignorant to know they benefited from the tax law change?   Listen to the rest of the story.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-06.mp3
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Congressman Steve King talking issues (video),  gay marriage, bailouts and politics.   Iowa Supreme Court  unleashes gay marriage in Iowa.  Also Bob Vander Plaats weighs in (video).  Iowans respond.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-03.mp3
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Dr. Donna Harrison represents AAPLOG, an organization resisting  the Obama administration's repeal of pro-life conscience regulations.   Terry Jeffrey from CNS News blasts the political class for blatant un-Constitutional bailout spending.   Then,  Bob McCarty thinks he can explain the crescent moon and stars on Iowa's two-seaters.   Then,  the conversation goes further south.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-02.mp3
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Rich Lowry  from the serves up Banquo's Ghosts and a bunch of insight into current events.   Bunch of Iowans get kicked out of  a public hearing on the Democratic plan to eliminate federal deductibility on Iowa taxes.  Huge response.   Iowa State Auditor David Vaudt  crunches the numbers in this debate, separating the winners and losers.

Direct download: mickelson-2009-04-01.mp3
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